What Does 2019 Have in Store for Us?



Another year has passed and once again we’ve got some new trends for the year that’s just begun: We already know that Pantone 16-1546 will be the color of the year. Smart speakers will mean that we’ll never be alone again. And “micro-influencers” will be the ones setting the trends from now on.

What about in the world of wine? Let’s have a quick look at what they’re saying will be the seven trends for 2019:

The spread of responsible consumption

We’re increasingly looking at the impact of the products we consume on the different aspects of our society. In terms of wine, this trend translates into growing demands from consumers with regard to traceability and responsible production methods. Organic wines are the big winners in a society that is more and more aware of the different impacts that the production of food and consumer goods have on the planet. In traditional grape-producing regions, this social awareness is forcing both producers and politicians to open their minds and make far-reaching changes to practices.

Veganism is the main trend

While consumers are increasingly looking for organic wines, vegan-friendly wines are becoming more popular as well.

We are seeing very significant growth in the opening of vegan restaurants in all large cities, and even traditional restaurants are offering various options on their menus for followers of this lifestyle trend. In terms of wines, we are seeing that one in every 10 high-quality establishments is specifying the vegan-friendly options on its wine list, turning these establishments into recommenders of these wines and the wineries that produce them. Young, involved consumers are more and more aware of the existence of vegan-friendly wines.

Wellness above all else

We’re taking notice of what we’re eating... and also what we’re drinking. There is increasing awareness of controlling excesses and a tendency toward healthy living, even among younger people. White, rosé, or sparkling wines, normally with lower alcohol content, are growing in consumption. In the case of rosé, this means we’re drinking it all year round, not just during the warmer months.

Moderation leads to premiumisation

The trend to consume more and better means consumers will look for better wines. The average price of the bottle goes up when looking for wines that offer a real experience. In the supermarket we no longer look for the umpteenth offer, since we’re more often seeking out wines to enjoy, that tell us a story, about a place... leading us to spend more time and money when choosing the perfect bottle.

Revolutionary changes in packaging

Maybe this will be a trend that will take us a little longer to see in traditional wine-producing countries. It’s still hard for us to accept screw caps on young wines, but it seems that worldwide, one of this year’s trends will be wine in a can, half bottles, and other kinds of containers to satisfy nomads or people who live alone. The experts are unanimous: The 75-cl bottle no longer represents the standard measure for a large part of consumers.

The need to be open-minded

The classic profile of wines is changing. We’re increasingly seeing hybrid products that will combine traditional wines with infusions of fruits, herbs, etc. This is when we’ll have to ask ourselves if we can continue calling these products wines, but it seems that changes are coming and we’ll see whether the world of wine really gets on board with this trend.

Varieties and areas shifting from the background to the fore

One worldwide phenomenon is the increase in the popularity of grape-producing areas or indigenous varieties that have more often been in the shadows in recent years, and that are now attracting more interest in the name of diversity. Eastern countries, appellations such as Jura, or varieties such as Sumoll, Trepat, and others are moving up on the radar of wine lovers around the world.

These are the global trends in the world of wine for 2019. As consumers and professionals, we will undoubtedly see a challenging period.

To a year full of good wines!

Sergi Castro Solé

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