What are the best wine and food pairings for the holiday season?



The Christmas festivities are upon us, and you're probably debating whether to prepare a traditional meal or break with convention and go for something a little different. Like every year, at Jean Leon we've put together several ideas, and whatever choice you make, these excellent wines will brighten your meal and surprise your guests.

Let's start with the whites, where we offer a choice of two Chardonnays: 3055 Chardonnay is a fresh young varietal wine with just a touch of oak, displaying predominant notes of white fruit and tons of freshness. Our classic Vinya Gigi offers a more mature style of Chardonnay, aged in French oak for six months, resulting in a creamy, full-bodied wine where ripe fruit notes intermingle with spicy undertones of toast and vanilla. The ideal companion for capon, turkey, oven-baked fish or cannelloni, a local St. Stephen's Day (Boxing Day) classic.

When it comes to reds, you can also find our 3055 Merlot·Petit Verdot in specialized stores. This organic Penedès Merlot is smooth and round, with Petit Verdot giving its character a distinctive note. A versatile wine that combines with almost every kind of meat, from chicken to beef, even bullock, as well as fatty or oil-rich fish. The perfect wine for that family member who won't drink white wine under any circumstances, not even with fish. A brief and partial stint in oak—just three months—give it a light spicy undertow, but the spotlight stays on the fresh red fruit.

Finally, whether you're serving white meat—a seasonal classic—or red meat, the Jean Leon Single Vineyard Wine range holds three red aces: Vinya Palau Merlot pairs beautifully with mildly flavored meat like turkey, capon, cockerel or beef. And if you’re looking for a more full-bodied wine opt for either Vinya Le Havre or Vinya La Scala. Both are made from old Cabernet vines on the estate, which was among the first in Spain to make wines from this variety. A reserva and a gran reserva, respectively, which are bound to please the most discerning palates.

We wish you Happy Holidays, full of wonderful food and wine pairings and unforgettable moments.


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