Vinya La Scala 2009: Pure Art

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A few months ago, we told you about Vinya La Scala, our most iconic wine. A gran reserva from our oldest vineyard, planted in 1963, and the first Cabernet Sauvignon to be made in Spain. The wine is special, unique, only produced in years when climate conditions are particularly favorable. The wine is barrel-aged in new French oak for at least 24 months, followed by a minimum of three years bottle-aging. The first vintage—1969—was exclusively served at Jean Leon's restaurant in Beverly Hills. 1970 was the first vintage brought to market.

Six vintages later, Vinya La Scala 1975 saw toasts of the highest order at Ronald Reagan's inaugural dinner celebrated at the White House in 1981. Ronald Reagan and Jean Leon struck up a friendship when the former was a Hollywood actor, and he subsequently became a regular at Jean Leon's restaurant in Beverly Hills. One day, Ronald Reagan promised Jean Leon that if elected president, he would serve his wine at the inaugural ceremony at the White House. He wasn't joking. Reagan won and on January 20th, 1981, many bottles of Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 1975 were opened at the White House.

An artistically inspired bottle

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The Vinya La Scala bottle has always had a connection to the art world. Since the 1979 vintage, a well-known Catalan painter has been responsible for illustrating the label with one of his or her artworks or a piece specifically created for the occasion. Subirachs, Guinovart, Casamada, Tàpies and Bofarull are among the painters whose work graces the Vinya La Scala label. The currently available vintage is 2009 and features the artwork Linneus Escriba, painted by the Catalan artist Modest Cuixart in 1948.

Recently Mireia Torres, enologist and director of our winery, met up with Joan Cuixart, the son of the artist. If you haven't seen the video yet, we highly recommend it. They had a fascinating conversation about a shared interest—art. After all, wine—like painting—is a form of artistic expression. Make sure to check it out!

A well-rounded Gran Reserva

Vinya La Scala is notable for its beautifully integrated aromatic compounds, its sweet, round tannins, mouthfilling palate and long, hedonistic finish. Characteristics that have earned the wine its fair share of accolades:

- 2009 Vintage

Guía Peñín 2017 (92 pts.)

Guía Proensa 2017 (95 pts.)

- 2007 Vintage

Guía Peñín 2017 (90 pts.)

Guía Proensa 2015 (93 pts.)

Wine Advocate 2015 (90 pts.), USA

Gold Medal Mundus Vini 2015, Germany

For details about the characteristics of the wine, take a look at the infographic designed by Jordi Català. It is a visually rendered summary of the most important aspects to keep in mind when evaluating and tasting the wine.


It is time for a tasting that will involve all of your senses. Ready? We hope you enjoy it!

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