5 starring appearances of wine in TV series

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Today, television series are at their peak. We are living a golden age of series both internationally and nationally, especially due to the creation of online platforms such as Netflix or HBO.

In recent years, TV series have become our best allies to disconnect from our day to day, to take advantage of the weekends or to not have to leave the house on a rainy day.

Perhaps it has gone unnoticed, but wine is often a protagonist in TV series or movies. Let's do the test now, are you able to detect any series or movies in which wine acquires a relevant weight on the screen?

From Jean Leon we propose 5 TV series that have wine as a protagonist and that are ideal to watch while enjoying a glass of wine.

1. Game of Thrones

If there is a current and successful series where wine is very present, it is Game of Thrones. This television adaptation of George R. R. Martin's novels has become a mass phenomenon since its premiere and it is difficult to find an episode in which a character doesn’t drink wine.

There are several characters who love a good wine, especially in the Lannister family.  From Cersei's bad decisions, always accompanied by a glass of wine, to the binges of her little brother Tyrion. In fact, wine is also the means used to murder several mythical characters by poisoning.

Without wine, even the end of the series could have been different...


2. Mad Men

This television series, winner of fifteen Emmy Awards and four Golden Globes, is no slouch when it comes to the presence of alcohol either. All the workers of the Mad Men advertising agency are seen drinking in most episodes, but there is one wine lover among all these characters.

Betty Draper (January Jones), the wife of the agency's owner, always appears with a glass of red wine in her home. Betty is dedicated to her family and usually entertains her hobbies with this drink.

In fact, wine is so present in this series that in an episode of the sixth season the plot revolves around it.


3. Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey, one of the flagship series of British television that shows the life of the nobility in the twentieth century, also gives a relevant role to wine. In the series, it is common to see the main characters having a glass at dinner parties. In fact, the upper class used to delight in this drink as opposed to more popular beverages such as beer.

Thus, the British nobility appears at long tables surrounded by servants in charge of serving glasses of wine and sherry.


4. The Big Bang Theory

Not only do we find references to wine in dramatic series, but also in comedies we can see some examples. Penny, one of the main characters in The Big Bang Theory, is a great fan of white wine.

Thus, Penny overcomes the classic American taste for beer with this devotion to wine, a drink that is usually linked to a higher socioeconomic status.


5. Gran Reserva

The United States, the United Kingdom... but also Spanish series fall into the temptation of wine. The series about wine par excellence is undoubtedly Gran Reserva. The plot of this series revolves around the theme of wine, vineyards and wineries.

This series, which had a great impact both nationally and internationally, tells the story of the life of the two families that own the Cortázar and Reverte wineries, which are constantly confronted.


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