Torreón: Benchmark in Rice Dishes



Backed by over 40 years of experience, restaurant Torreón is a real institution in Gavà Mar; a clear point of reference in Mediterranean cuisine in this region. Since 2007 it has been part of Iborra Restaurants, owned by the family of the same name, alongside other famous establishments such as Elche, Elx, and Cheriff, all in Barcelona. Their specialty is rice dishes, as they were pioneers in introducing more than one variety to the menu. In the early 1970s, restaurants would only make rice dishes one day a week or by order. We were offering more options,explains Andrés Iborra, manager of the Iborra group. They started with the restaurant Elche, founded by Andrés’ parents in Barcelona’s Poble Sec district. Little by little, rice culture took hold in the city and they made a name for themselves cooking traditional Mediterranean rice dishes such as arroz a banda (rice cooked in fish stock) and arroz negro (black rice made using cuttlefish ink), specialties from their hometown of Alicante.

Torreón, meanwhile, was one of the restaurants that specialized in rice dishes. When the Iborra family arrived, they found that a shellfish-based arroz a banda was already being served and decided to keep it on the menu while also widening the offer. It was a very good dish inspired by the rice dishes we started to make in my parents’ restaurant. We consolidated it and expanded the offer.In that sense, Torreón’s lifelong customers didn’t notice the change in ownership. What they did notice, however, was the change in the restaurant’s décor: When we arrived, the restaurant was the same as the day it opened in 1969. It was old and we spent five months renovating it.The unique building, all on one level, was the work of Francesc Mitjans, the architect behind FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium. Decorator and Barcelona native Carlos Martínez was in charge of the renovation. It may have taken five months, but the result was amazing: It’s one of those spaces that is truly eye-catching. And not only the interior, but the entire exterior terrace with views of the garden, one of its strengths.

Torreón has space for 300 diners spread across tables for groups of all sizes, as well as a long bar that runs along a large part of the main dining room. It also has a small shop specializing in gourmet products where you can buy any kind of deli item.

The menu is extensive and offers multiple varieties. Our cuisine is Catalan and Mediterranean. We specialize in rice dishes and we are committed to top-quality fish and shellfish,notes Iborra. Hot and cold tapas, high-quality fish and meat all appear on a menu featuring over 70 dishes. Highlights include the arroz a banda cooked in fish and lobster stock and the Elche black rice with baby squid and artichokes served with a smooth, tasty homemade all i oli garlic mayonnaise Other interesting dishes are cod with honey and glazed potatoes, salted sea bream, and grilled beef entrecote.

Another interesting aspect is their approach to wine. The wine list features over 88 items, including wines, cavas and other sparkling wines. Iborra remembers that he used to know all their wines, because there weren’t that many. In the late ’70s there were 20 wineries, and now there are thousands. The options have multiplied and there’s no way I can know what they all are. I have tried all the wines on the list, though. I like it and I think I have a good palate.He acknowledges that he didn’t like wine when he was younger, but over time he had to get to know the wines and try them. I’ve learned by tasting, but also from the my customers’ tips and recommendations.He notes that at Torreón they are committed to wines we like and, in particular, the fact that there’s a supplier behind them we can trust; who won’t let us down.Right now, they have our Jean Leon Vinya Le Havre Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva on their wine list. We’ve had your wines since 1995. Jean Leon was a real pioneer because he was the first one to introduce the name of the variety on the bottle like they were doing in the USA.

With an excellent offer of cuisine and wines, any time is a good time to visit Torreón: they are open 365 days a year, with the kitchen staying open all day long. So how much can you expect to spend? Around €40 per person. Want to see for yourself? I’m sure you’ll love it. ;)

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