To the rescue of “avocados”



For Sergi Castro, Jean Leon's sommelier

You have succumbed, you have been persuaded, you are becoming "healthy food" and now you are eating avocados. Yes, you, the one who used to ate industrial pastry, french fries, candy…

Did you know that there are over 500 varieties of avocados? Some even have edible skin, but commercially only a few varieties are grown, mostly in America, but we are already beginning to find national avocados, such as those from the island of La Palma.

But of course, there are things you can't give up, like a good glass of wine at meals. In addition, recent scientific and nutritional studies recommend a couple of glasses of wine a day, which are also very healthy.

But how to pair wine with avocados?

Avocados have four components of flavor and texture that help us find the right wine.

Avocado has a buttery texture, so you can even substitute butter in dessert recipes. For an avocado toast, it is best to play the contrast card. A fresh and light wine that will lighten and cleanse the palate between bites. The good citrus freshness of the Jean Leon 3055 chardonnay will be the perfect ally for this "brunch" that you have prepared to surprise your intimates.

Interestingly, avocados have a citrus character, as opposed to the butter itself, with a marked lactic character. It is true that its acidity is not as sharp or pungent as that of a lemon or a lime, so a rosé wine like Jean Leon 3055 Rosé, fresh and light, but with the acidity that reminds us of the little ones red fruits to perfectly complement this guacamole that you will serve.

Did you know that the pulp of an avocado is very rich in beta caryophyllene, an aromatic compound found in cloves, black pepper and rosemary? This aromatic compound does not necessarily influence the taste, but it does allow us to pair the “spicy” side of avocado with some red wines, such as Jean Leon 3055 Petit Verdot-Merlot. We are sure to surprise you here!


One of the most common varieties is the so-called Hass, and you probably know it because it is the most consumed variety in the world. Easily recognizable by its rough, dark skin, it was born from a Guatemalan seed grown in Mr. Orchard. Rudolph Hass in his California orchard. This variety has a strong nutty aroma, so you can combine it perfectly with nuts to enhance this flavor. Our Jean Leon Nativa xarel·lo has the finesse, freshness and flavor ideal to combine with these avocados. Dare to try it.

And remember that all these wines are organic and suitable for vegans, a small plus for your new healthier and more eco-responsible life.

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