Three Cheeses to Pair with Our SM-16

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Sergi Millet is currently the chef at Mas Rabell, a restaurant located in a Catalan farmhouse in the heart of the Penedès region that has kept its country charm and the beauty of tradition. For over 15 years, he has been pairing his best dishes with wines provided by a region where wine forms an intrinsic part of its essence. Before coming to Mas Rabell, Millet trained at the Escola de Restauració i Hostalatge hotel and catering school in Barcelona, in addition to working with prestigious chefs and pastry chefs such as Ferrán Adrià and Oriol Balaguer.

We’ve turned to him for recommendations on pairing some of his tasty recipes with our wines, and the result is sure to get your mouth watering. Let’s start with a cheese pairing. There are three very specific varieties that form the perfect plus one for our SM-16 (single variety Sumoll). Senses ready, set, go!

We start off with Tou de Til·lers, a soft cheese made in the Pallars Sobirà region using raw cow’s milk. The cheese retains all the flavors of milk fresh from the cow and will play an important role in the cheese board.

Next up is a variety with a different origin: Garrotxa, which is a goat’s cheese. It has a mold coating and was nearly extinct by the 1980s, but was revived thanks to a young cooperative of cheesemakers and goat breeders in the region who managed to start producing it again.

Finally, Boïgot is an artisanal cheese that’s ideal for our select board alongside the Tou de Til·lers and Garrotxa. Hailing from the municipality of Sant Llorenç de Morunys, it is produced by the cheese factory Valette, using raw sheep’s milk. It has a semi-hard texture and a rind with natural fungi.

These three kinds of cheese pair perfectly with our Sumoll single variety wine and can be accompanied by marmalade or berry jam together with a selection of nuts. What do you think? Ready to give them a try? Keep an eye on our channels because we’re going to be sharing new recipes for pairing with our selection of wines. You won’t want to miss them!



Three cheeses: Tou de Til·lers, Garrotxa, Boïgot

Seville orange marmalade

Berry jam


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