This Christmas, give the gift of wine



It’s hard to believe, but the Holiday Season is upon us. And that means thinking about presents, a task that seems to get more complex every year. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a handy list of six original gifts that’ll make any wine lover happy. Here we go…

Wine areator

An essential when it comes to enjoying a good wine. If you don’t want to wait for the wine to breathe, you can always turn to an aerator, which speeds up the process, as well as bringing out the wine’s color and helping it adjust and settle. Wine aerators come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Some are surprisingly original, others more sophisticated, but they’re all perfect for wine lovers, whether they’re seasoned sommeliers or not. Here’s our recommendation.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, a classic decanter makes for an excellent gift. The perfect companion for prized wines.



A classic among classics: a lovely detail to go with a great bottle of wine. The options are almost endless, from the most basic to the truly inventive. We’re particularly fond of the original Zig Zag by Jules Bart. This history-laden corkscrew has become a collector’s item and will bring an added touch of class and sophistication to a good bottle.

Bottle carrier

Usually made out of neoprene, this is the perfect bag for transporting a bottle of wine from point A to B and keeping it at the ideal temperature. A wonderfully practical gift that’ll make sure the wine reaches dinner in perfect condition and at the right temperature. In fact, the carrier not only insulates the bottle, but protects it from rain and damage during transport.

Carriers come in all sorts of styles, but we prefer those that don’t take up too much room or get in the way once their job is done. Pictured is our preferred wine bottle tote ­– it’s foldable, which is why we like it so much. Available at Built NY.

Wine cooler sleeve

A very useful gift for people who like drinking their wine, particularly whites and rosés, at the perfect temperature. In contrast to the wine bottle tote, the cooler sleeve is only used at the table and always stored in the freezer. At Jean Leon we’re partial to the classic sleeve, which also happens to be the most effective.

Books about wine

The world of literature is full of small wine-themed gems. If the intended recipient of the gift is a wine-loving bookworm then you can kill two birds with one stone getting them one of these three options:

  • Wine Folly, The Essential Guide to Wine by Madeleine Puckette and Justin Hammack. The perfect book for those beginning their wine adventures. A trip around the world on paper, covering different grape varieties and geographic regions with visually engaging graphics and illustrations. Some even call it the illustrated bible of wine! An excellent tool for exploring the wine world and learning about the types of wine made in other countries.
  • Taste Buds and Molecules by François Chartier. According to Ferran Adrià, “Chartier is the number one expert in flavors.” Not too shabby an introduction, right? And now Chartier’s masterful work on the new science of aromas has come to Spain, inviting us to discover a universe of hidden flavors in food and wine. A bestseller since 2009, the book has sold more than 50,000 copies. A revolutionary, insightful, and accessible read for anyone interested in wine, and pairing food and drink.
  • Qué vino con este pato by Ferran Centelles. elBulli’s former sommelier is a true expert in the art of food and wine pairing. The book is packed with personal anecdotes about the more than eight years he spent at the world’s best restaurant, combined with more classically-oriented theories on creating harmonies. A great introduction to the foundations of matching food and wine.

Wine racks and wine cellars

This gift is a safe bet. It never fails. The wine racks and / or wine cellars help to keep the wines at home at the correct temperature. They tend to have an elegant design that allows them to be integrated into the kitchen with the rest of the electrical appliances.

Wine lovers know that to enjoy it in the best conditions, its conservation and correct temperature are important. That is why a refrigerator bottle rack meets all the requirements to ensure that it is optimally maintained. The interior is provided with wooden or plastic shelves wide enough to house bottles of various volumes.

Cases of Jean Leon wine

We’ll end our list with a few of our own Jean Leon gift ideas. Here are three fun and original ways to gift our wines.

First off, our Single Vineyard Wine travel case contains a bottle each of Jean Leon Vinya Gigi Chardonnay, Jean Leon Vinya Le Havre Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, and Jean Leon Vinya Palau Merlot. The three wines come in a vintage suitcase, an homage to our founder’s journey from Europe to America.

estoigs jean leon

Next up, and in celebration of the recent release of a new vintage, is our icon wine, Jean Leon Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva, which comes in an elegant wooden case. The cover features a design by Barcelona-based artist Josep Guivart, whose work also graces the label of the 2015 vintage. The perfect Christmas gift.

Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva

And our last proposal, and no less important for it: the tin case with our wines from the 3055 range. Specifically, this gift wine case consists of three bottles of our freshest wines: a Jean Leon 3055 Merlot Petit- Verdot, a Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay, and a Jean Leon 3055 Rosé.

Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva

We hope this post has inspired a few gift ideas! Getting the right present is a challenge, but if the person receiving it is passionate about wine, we’re sure they’ll love any of the suggestions above.

Happy Holidays!

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