The Vineyard in Fall Colors at Jean Leon

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“La vinya es vesteix de tardor” [“The Vineyard Clad in Fall”] is the photo exhibition by local artist Maria Rosa Ferré that opened last Friday at Jean Leon. The aim of this exhibition is to explore the incredible color palette the vineyard takes on during this time of year, as well as the most unique winegrowing elements of the Penedès region. The vines tinted in shades of orange, brown, ocher, yellow, and red are the true stars of the show, which will run until mid-January as an additional feature on the guided tour.

The event was kicked off by Mireia Torres, director of Jean Leon, who welcomed around 30 guests in attendance for the opening. After an introduction to the history of the winery and life of Jean Leon, Mireia handed things over to the artist, who defined the exhibition’s goal as seeking “To convey, through the photos, the values given to us by the land where we work, where we live, and where we enjoy, with a typically Mediterranean landscape.” The artist acknowledged that “the Penedès region has an extraordinarily rich landscape, although fall is when the thousands of colors explode in the vineyards. The smooth waves of the fields full of different colors are always a real sight to see. Being able to be witnesses, watching the leaves as they fall and how they pile up to form a multicolored carpet, is an experience that must be enjoyed.”

The event attendees had a chance to peruse the pictures created by the photographer herself, and afterward sampled a selection of Xerigots cheeses accompanied by some of the most iconic Jean Leon wines, such as our experimental Xarel·lo and the single-vineyard wines Vinya Le Havre and Vinya Gigi. To round off the experience, guests were treated to a guided tour through our winery, as is customary.

In Love with the Penedès

Maria Rosa Ferré, artist and Vilafranca native, has been passionate about photography since she was a child, and has worked a professional artist for the past five years. A true lover of the Penedès and its landscape, she has received various awards and is coauthor of the books Calidoscopi and Postals del Penedès.

You can find out more about Ferré by visiting her website:

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