The Unique Benefits of Wine



A lot has been written about the benefits of drinking a glass of wine a day. Too much, perhaps. Opinions on the subject vary greatly. Some are in favor, others against. That's how it goes.


Without getting into a discussion on health, we see wine as having a series of unique benefits that make it special. Health is clearly a priority, but sometimes there are other factors that also matter, often a great deal, which we might not even realize at first.  


First of all, wine is sociable. It is an excellent opportunity to take a break. Leaving the office and meeting your wife, girlfriend, friend or work colleague at a sidewalk café for a glass of wine is one of those small mid-week gifts you can give yourself. Besides the inherent pleasure of drinking a particular wine, sharing a glass with friends forges a connection. It is relaxing and makes you feel good.


Secondly, a glass of wine is a great way to unwind. Getting home after a long day at work, picking a good playlist on Spotify and pouring yourself a glass of wine is priceless. Different kinds of playlists abound, and Spotify provides recommendations, but if you'd like one from us, click here (LINK) for a playlist we recommended a few months ago.  You'll like it!


Thirdly, a glass of wine improves any dish. It is the perfect match. Good cheese, good cured meat or jamón de bellota (acorn-fed Iberian ham) simply taste better with wine. Just like a good wine tastes better paired with these delicacies. Wouldn’t you agree? They're travel companions that need, complement and bring out the best in each other.


And last but not least, a glass of wine stimulates the senses. First our eyes, when we decide to open a bottle, remove and look at the cork and the color of the wine.  Then our nose, when we sniff the cork and swirl the glass. And finally our taste buds, when we take our first sip. A truly sensorial connection.


As you can see, a glass of wine offers many benefits that you might not have considered before. There are many more—countless articles have been written on the topic—but we'll happily settle for these four. Our own.


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