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When Belen Fabra (Tortosa, 1977) was little, she wanted to be the bionic woman, a sure sign that she has a soft spot for sci-fi. She's a big believer in streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO and recently appeared in the YouTube Red series Origin from the creators of The Crown and Lost. She loves cinema and television and sees the theater as the foundation of her acting career. She's a woman with cinema, culture and art in her blood, and we like that.

Did you always want to be an actress?

It was something I thought about from a very young age. I was just playing around, but my sister encouraged me to turn it into a career.

How did you make it onto the ‘big screen’?

It was a very long road with lots of training, casting calls, frustrations and small joys that eventually grew bigger.

What is cinema for you?

It is a magnificent space where you can create incredible things, but it needs a really dedicated and good team willing to put in the effort.

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Do you need some theater background to make the leap to television?

There are TV actors who have never set foot on a stage. In my case, the theater was the foundation of my acting career. And I think it was where I learned and grew the most as a performer.

How would you describe the current state of Spanish cinema?

Very interesting things are happening, but a lot of filmmakers don't have the necessary resources to carry out their projects. I think we're far from where we could be, given the potential here.

What does it take to succeed in the world of cinema?

That depends on one's definition of success. As I see it, being consistent and conscious in your work and having talent are essential.

Is it very competitive? Is it a difficult world?

Yes, it's competitive. But when more projects are getting made, we don't feel it as much. The work can be hard, but it is also very gratifying. Even the most well-established actors experience or have experienced the uncertainty that comes with this kind of unstable and unpredictable line of work.

What would you say to young actors just starting out?

If they get the chance to audition, they should prepare thoroughly, it is the only thing they have control over. And once it's over, they should forget about it. If it works out, they'll be getting a call. But they shouldn't waste time waiting around for an answer that could possibly never come or not be what they hoped for.

You've worked on both films and TV shows. Which format do you prefer?

It depends on the project more than the format. But I would like the chance to do more cinema.

What do you think about the rise of streaming content with platforms like Netflix or HBO? Does it provide interesting opportunities for young actors?

I think this is an amazing moment in that regard. There are so many projects. These platforms are opening up new possibilities.

Do you need the kind of personal recognition that comes with a Goya or an Oscar to have a successful film career?

I don't think so. There are wonderful actors with impressive careers who have never won those awards.

Tell us about Origin. A science fiction show... You seem to like the genre.

Science fiction has always fascinated me. It is a YouTube Red show shot in South Africa from the producers of The Crown and Lost. So far I've only appeared in one episode, but the character I got to play was very exciting.

What projects do you have lined up in the near future?

I'll be working on a show with a production company that I've already worked with previously. I can't tell you more than that...


A Brief Taste

The best moment to enjoy a glass of wine?

When you feel like it.

A song to go with a glass of wine?

Entre Dos Aguas by Paco de Lucía.

A place to get lost in?

There are so many... But preferably somewhere green.

What do you do in your free time?

Go to the cinema, the gym, exhibitions, dinners with friends, a concert every so often...

A flaw and a virtue?

I can be very indecisive sometimes, but when my mind is made up, I'm very bold.

What did you want to be as a child? And when you're older?

The bionic woman. The bionic woman.


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