The Penedès Wine Route is the most visited Wine Route in Catalonia

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According to the ranking published by the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN), the Penedès wine route remains the most visited in Catalonia and the fourth in Spain.

During 2021, this Penedès route received 178,782 visitors, 35% more than the previous year. The recovery from the pandemic is still some way off, but there is a general upward trend across the industry. Proof of this is that visitors who choose to visit wineries in the region have increased remarkably in just over twelve months.

Regarding the detail of the Penedès wine route, there were 170,922 visitors who chose to see wineries and the remaining 7,860 visitors who also chose this route did so to go to the museums.

Regarding the origin of the visitors, the report states that there were 150,643 from different parts of Spain and 23,579 international.

As for the rest of the wine tourism routes in the country, the list for the last year is led by the Calatayud route (213,614 visitors), driven mainly by its museums offer. It is followed by Ribera del Duero (197,145 visitors) and the Jerez wine and brandy route (186,670 visitors).

 According to data collected by ACEVIN, the 33 state wine routes attracted 1.6 million visitors. Of these, 208,762 chose the two Catalan routes (Penedès and Priorat), a figure that represents almost 13% of all visits and a growth of 42.7% compared to 2020.

We are very happy to belong to such a special route as the Penedès. If you want to discover more about the Penedès Wine Route, you can check its website. And if you haven't come to see us yet, don't miss the opportunity and visit us this summer.

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