Jean Leon makes the leap to solar energy: the winery adapts to sustainability



At Jean Leon, sustainability is one of our core values. We are committed to protecting our natural territory and reducing our environmental footprint in everything we do. 

That is why we have recently taken another step in our sustainability strategy by incorporating photovoltaic panels in our visitor center.

A commitment to the environment 

More and more companies and households are adopting this technology to reduce their carbon footprint. In this sense, photovoltaic panels are an efficient and sustainable solution for generating electricity.

Recently, we have taken a further step in our environmental commitment by incorporating photovoltaic panels on the roof of the visitor center, with an installed power of 67.5 kWp. The photovoltaic installation is used to generate renewable energy for self-consumption and to protect the roof from direct solar radiation.

In addition, solar protection louvers have been installed on some of the transparent vertical walls to reduce solar transmittance through the glass surfaces. The combination of these two solutions has allowed us to substantially improve the energy rating of the cellar and reduce the total energy demand, which translates into a reduction of carbon footprint.

Economic savings and environmental benefits

Since the installation of the photovoltaic panels, the winery has managed to generate 37% of the energy consumed. This means that, in addition to reducing the environmental impact, we have achieved a significant reduction in the use of electricity. 

The implementation of these solutions has also had a positive impact on the comfort of the visitor center, where visitors can enjoy a unique wine tourism experience surrounded by a preserved natural environment. Do not hesitate and come and visit us!

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