The bottle makes a difference



Making a bottle isn't easy, and yet it is usually the unsung hero. We notice the label, the design, the name, but we rarely pay attention to the actual receptacle. We appreciate the content, not the container.

This post is dedicated to giving the bottle its due; the guardians that protect and store our wine, some longer than others.

When we talk about bottles at Jean Leon, we have to talk about Vidrala, our exclusive bottle supplier since the mid-1990s.

The company is an industry leader and has worked with us for so long, it knows our high demands in terms of quality and provides us with need-based solutions.

Aitor Peña, head of marketing at the company based in Castellar del Vallès, states that “Jean Leon is a first-rate client. They demand the highest level of quality, sustainability and environmental awareness from us. As their bottle supplier, we are proud to meet their high expectations.”




Bottles and their design

Are all bottles the same? Does their design influence our perception of the wine's quality? Many different container types and sizes are officially approved for bottling wine. As with all products, however, design plays a significant role.

The latest neuroscience research empirically proves that designs with curved and organic shapes tend to be more successful than abstract ones. Furthermore, researchers have observed that harmonious and symmetrical designs generate a more positive emotional response than irregular ones.

Aitor Peña points out three important factors in a well-designed glass bottle: “Height, a slim neck and well-defined shoulders, and a subtle narrowing in the middle.”

But there is another interesting factor to keep in mind. Sometimes we have an unconscious tendency to think of wines in heavier bottles as being better quality. Do you agree?

Vidrala currently produces an average of 16 million bottles per day, which means the company could supply every inhabitant in the Netherlands with a bottle every day of the year. Quite impressive. Jean Leon only receives a small number of these bottles. We're small, but very demanding. :)

Check out our video showing the bottle manufacturing process.


Our environmental commitment

Every bottle produced at Vidrala complies with the strictest food safety and environmental protection standards. The latter is particularly important to us, because we have always practiced environmentally friendly viticulture. As serious scientific studies have shown, the new climate reality has a direct impact on our work, given that the grapevine is highly sensitive to environmental changes.

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