The Architectural Secrets of our Visitors Center

Jean Leon


Almost everything in life has meaning. All you have to do is look beyond the surface. Explore, learn more. Investigate. Only then can we learn something new. Something that not everybody knows.


This also applies to the Jean Leon Visitors Center. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be much of a secret to its architecture. It isn't particularly spectacular, but it does display remarkable elegance. Why? Read on, and it will all make sense.


The Visitors Center was designed by Domingo Triay and inaugurated in November 2002. Before embarking on the design work, the architect was given a few crucial ideas.


The building had to embody the elegance of Hollywood's Golden Age. It had to echo the architectural style of 1960s California, recalling Jean Leon's best years in Los Angeles. And that's what happened.


The building integrates seamlessly into the landscape thanks to its undulating shape, and enormous windows offer views of the vineyards from every corner of the center.


The Visitors Center is a very important building for us. Miquel Torres Maczassek was a driving force in bringing wine tourism to our region.


At the time, this type of tourism was still relatively underdeveloped here. By now it is a highly valued sector that keeps growing and getting better. In fact, this year the center will be refurbished to bring the building in line with current needs.


The renovations will focus on creating more versatile spaces so that our visitors can enjoy even more unique experiences at our center.




The architectural features of our Visitors Center are undeniably special, but the winery doesn't lag behind. It was designed and built in 1964 as a Bordeaux-style château. Located in the middle of the estate, the building sits atop one of the highest points, surrounded by the winery's vineyards.


As a result, the grapes picked during the harvest arrive at the winery within 10 minutes max. It is the best possible way of ensuring that the grapes reach us at their very freshest.


During the harvest, our experienced team handpicks the grapes, cluster by cluster, when they reach optimal ripeness. There is no better way of getting a sense of the raw material and having complete control over grape quality.


The outward appearance of the winery has changed little over the years. We've maintained the same classic style that has defined the winery for close to 40 years, because we want to remember our roots. We want to remain authentic.


These are some of the characteristics that make us special. There are others, but we'd love to tell you about them in person. What do you think? Will you come and visit us? And it goes without saying: we'll welcome you with a glass of wine.

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