Terraza Martínez: Fully Committed to Both Sea and Land



Terraza Martínez, a restaurant located on one of the slopes of Montjuïc hill, just in front of Hotel Miramar, boasts amazing views over the Barcelona coastline. Its exceptional location makes it unique, special, and serves as a great introduction. The restaurant’s specialty is rice dishes. We talked to Josep Maria Masó, one of the partners, to learn a bit more about what the restaurant offers and the kind of cuisine they like to make.

How would you define the restaurant?

This is a restaurant that has been evolving, adapting to demand. A meeting place for different kinds of customers, from those looking to hide away to those who want to be seen.

What kind of cuisine do you offer?

Local cuisine with traditional roots.

Are you committed to local produce?

Our coastline is our priority.

What is your specialty?

Everything from rice dishes to fish or steak cooked in the Josper charcoal-fired oven.

What is your differentiating factor with regard to other restaurants that specialize in rice dishes?

I can’t say how we’re different, but what I can say is that we want to be on the path to excellence every day.

What do customers find the first time they come to the restaurant?

Nature: sea and mountain. A peaceful space that invites you to sit back and enjoy.

Is your offer year-round or do you focus on spring and summer?

It’s all year round. One corner for winter; sun and fresh air in summer.

What’s your approach to the wines?

We have a sommelier who takes care of our cellar; he prepares the wine list, a third of which are natural wines.

What’s your clientele like?

We get everyone from gourmands to young influencers, families and friends, to business customers. From celebrities to locals, from all over the world.

What’s your standout dish?

All of them.

What goals have you set for the future?

There’s no future, only the present.

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