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Lockdown has left a new normal that affects all economic sectors. Adapt or die, as they say, or, to see things from another point of view, refocus, reinvent, or simply do things you weren’t doing before and that can now act as a supplement for any business.

The first sector that surely comes to mind when it comes to the impact of lockdown, is the restaurant and tourism industry. They go hand in hand with each other: If one isn’t working, the other isn’t, either.

The restaurant industry has undergone a major change, mostly because it had to shut down for nearly three months, and now, thanks to the new normal, capacities have been reduced and opening hours have changed, as has the cuisine on offer.

Unfortunately, some restaurants have not been able to make it and have been forced to close, while others have made the most of these circumstances to offer new, interesting options.

Photo: A Pluma

Dishes ready to have the final touches added at home, recipes designed for being sent to customers’ homes and that can be prepared two days after they’ve been received, new spaces in restaurants, terraces taken full advantage of... These are some of the new concepts that have allowed restaurants to soften the impact and focus on a new normal that, as much as we aren’t certain about it, has come to stay.

Single-use tablecloths, unadorned tables with single servings, digital or sung menus, spots at the bar that have to be reserved... These are all now everyday realities for restaurants. But what is definitely most popular with restaurants to supplement their on-site offering, is takeout service. Specifically, through this list, you can see the variety of approaches used by Spanish restaurant owners to get their dishes out of the restaurant and bring them to the homes of their customers.

There are all sorts of ideas, but the highlights are restaurants that have gone back to the foods they started out with years ago for their takeout options. Michelin-starred chefs such as our friend Nandu Jubany or chef and Terrassa native Artur Martínez have recovered old recipes from grandparents to bring a delicious offering of quick, good, and affordable food to the table. Will that be the winning combination? If these great chefs have thought of it, there surely must be a good reason.

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