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Organic, sustainable, environment, recycling...these are words that we're hearing or reading about a lot lately. At Jean Leon, we embraced these ideas a long time ago, so much so that they're now part of our DNA. Fortunately, most of us are increasingly aware of the reality we're living in and are actively adopting more sustainable habits as a way of contributing to the health of our planet. Our commitment at Jean Leon is clear. In our daily work, we respect the biorhythm of the grapevine and actively encourage biodiversity and a balanced ecosystem.

Our wines have been certified organic since 2012. We do not use systemic insecticides, inorganic or synthetic fertilizers, industrial insecticides or weed killers. Instead we work with natural organic fertilizers and techniques like pheromone traps or the Bordeaux mixture to control pests. In terms of winemaking, we ferment with indigenous yeasts and clarify our wines with natural fining agents.  If you would like to find out more about our organic winemaking approach and the reasons for choosing this type of wine, we'd like to share an article we posted a few months ago where we list 5 reasons to pick an organic wine.

Wine producers have been adopting an organic approach for some time now, and the restaurant sector is keeping up. In fact, a study done by ElTenedor and NellyRodi shows that 53.7% of those surveyed listed sustainability as a reason for choosing one restaurant over another. The same study lists 10 trends that will dominate the food world this year – sustainable cuisine comes in at number 10. According to the survey, 63.8% of Spanish people take the source of the food – where it comes from, how it is grown, and how it reaches supermarkets, restaurants, and our table – into consideration.

Given these figures, restaurants and wineries are facing a unique opportunity to draw their customers' attention. How? By being transparent and providing them with complete information about ingredients, processes, and production, as well as their traceability. So when we get through this challenging moment, we hope you'll find time to come and visit us. We'd love to show you how we do it! Plus, you'll get to try locally sourced, artisan products that we promote as part of our wine tourism activities.

If we become more aware and respectful of the world we live in, we all win. 

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