Spooky (and healthy) Halloween recipes for kids



Fall, cold weather, Sundays on the sofa watching a movie under a blanket, the clocks going back an hour… Fall is well and truly here. The sun is setting earlier and we’re approaching that time of year when we celebrate Halloween and the traditional Castanyada festival, especially in Catalonia, which has been incorporating more and more aspects from the American holiday over the years.

In some houses, pumpkins and horror have taken center stage, while in others, the typical Castanyada chestnuts, moniatos (baked sweet potatoes), and panellets (small marzipan cakes or cookies) feature alongside pumpkins and trick or treat candy. Everyone has their own way of doing things; the important thing is just to celebrate however you see fit.

In today’s post, we’d like to present some healthy recipes that you can make with the youngest members of the household during these fall days. Let’s face it: kids often eat sweet, sugary treats at this time of year. To change things up a bit while still staying in the spooky mood, we’ve found some fun recipes that are also well balanced.

Photo: Veggie Quest


This is very easy. Almost so easy that we couldn’t even call it a recipe! You just need to cut some bananas in half to make the “heads” of the ghosts-to-be. Then, to decorate them, just use chocolate chips to form the eyes and mouths. What do you think? For more ideas, here’s the original recipe from Veggie Quest.

Photo: Bebés y más

Crispy tree bark

Next up is another really easy recipe for crispy tree bark. Tree bark? Yes! This is something you can easily link to an enchanted forest where witches live... It’s bound to get the kids’ imaginations running wild! How do you make it? With pumpkin, sugar, and water. Click here if you’d like to see the step-by-step instructions (in Spanish). It’s an ideal snack for something healthy to nibble on.

Photo: Directo al Paladar

Rice pumpkins

Another recipe we wanted to share with you, taken from Directo al Paladar, is for these cool little rice pumpkins. They’re really easy to make and although it takes a little work to make the rice balls, kids are sure to have fun doing it. You can see all the steps here (in Spanish), for this recipe that can take the place of the classic panellets, with a little less sugar.

Photo: Lilian Fuchs – Vitónica

Monster crepes

Our last suggestion comes in the form of crepes and is just as easy as the other three recipes. Maybe crepes are something you’ve already tried with your kids, but with this recipe, they can be decorated with faces to make them look as scary as possible. You can see the step-by-step instructions here (in Spanish). For the decorations, you can use banana slices (even using the same ones from the first recipe), blueberries, sliced strawberries, almonds or cashews, or pumpkin or pomegranate seeds. Fresh and dried fruits provide a good nutritional boost.

So, there are some of the recipes we thought were the most interesting, but as you can imagine, the options are nearly endless. If you’d like to investigate further, here’s a link (in Spanish) with some spooky ideas that both you and your kids will love.

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