Six ways to surprise your dad this Father’s Day – from home!

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We’d like to start this post being honest: This wasn’t the content we wanted to share with you this Father’s Day. Our initial intention was to compile a list of fun and original suggestions with ideas for every taste.

However, given to the situation currently experiencing, we think we should be realistic and responsible with the content we create, which should be sensitive to our current circumstances as well as movements such as #IStayHome.

We couldn’t agree more with this trend that’s emerged recently on social media that encourages us all to stay at home. But having to stay home doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We like to think that, despite the circumstances, this is a time when we can try to be closer to and more united with each other – no matter the distance – and when we should take the opportunity to celebrate everything that makes us happy and stimulates our well-being.

While it’s true that you can’t go out to buy a present or make a reservation at your favorite restaurant to have dinner as a family, we’ve come up with loads of ideas to enjoy this Father’s Day at home and surprise Dad – all from the comfort of your own home.

A DIY gift

DIY had its golden age some years ago as social media – especially YouTube and Pinterest – began spreading into our lives. Now, many people have turned to this activity as a nice way to pass the time while stuck inside. From a frame with pictures to an improvised keychain with initials using a Scrabble tile, or why not personalize a T-shirt or a mug that’s already lying around the house? Need some inspiration? Go online! You’ll be amazed to find out all of the things you can make by hand at home and that will make this Father’s Day just as special.

Cooking together

Although you may be sharing a space during the lockdown, it’s very likely that you and your dad aren’t spending much time together. Hitting the kitchen is a great way to do a fun activity together, first of all because cooking is relaxing and second because the reward is that afterward, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Surprise your dad and prepare a menu based on his favorite dishes, and then get to work! If you’re feeling brave, challenge yourselves to try your hand at some of the recipes that chefs are suggesting on their Instagram profiles since they’ve also joined the #IStayHome movement through cooking.

Virtual get-together

Even though we have to stay home, that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep making plans with some of our favorite people. We’re lucky to live in a digital and hyper-connected age, so let’s make the most of it. You can surprise your dad by organizing a group video call with everyone in the family, no matter how far away they are during this lockdown. And you can do this thanks to Houseparty, the group video calling app that’s now become the app of the moment. Much of its success is down to the fact that it allows you to do calls in groups of up to eight people.

Unlike lots of other video calling apps that we’ve already incorporated into our daily routines, Houseparty makes it possible to create “rooms” where users get together to do the video call as a group, as well as play Trivial Pursuit, Guess Who, Pictionary, and other classic games, as if you were all together in your living room! Can you imagine the look of surprise on your dad’s face?

A cultural gift

If the cultural sector has shown one thing in recent days, it's that it’s generous and adaptable, because ever since the #IStayHome movement started to gather steam, it hasn’t hesitated to offer all kinds of content to users completely free of charge. Right now, museums are offering virtual tours and even explanations about some of their pieces; musicians and singers have joined forces to do live festivals from their homes; major media are allowing free access to content that’s usually paid for, and magazines are enabling us to download current issues for free.
This trend has also spread to schools and educational establishments: It’s not hard to find promotions for studying languages, taking part in workshops, or signing up for an online course at a discounted price.

Theater at home

Many families with children will be spending these days at home wondering what they can do to keep little ones entertained. With day-care centers and schools closed, it’s up to parents to find alternatives to keep their kids occupied and amused. So, in addition to getting them involved in the other suggestions, here’s one that’s designed especially for them: Suggest that they dress up and put on a play to surprise dad. They can recreate a story, a movie, or let their imaginations run wild and invent a new story. They’ll love the idea of being actors for a day and you’ll all have a great time together as a family.

Wine for special occasions

When you bought that wine and set it aside with the excuse of saving it for a special occasion, you probably never thought that occasion would be a lockdown. But the current situation means we have to be resilient and remember that exceptional situations call for exceptional measures. Cracking open that bottle and toasting Father’s Day with a special wine seems like a great example to us. Besides, we’re convinced that it will be a day you won’t forget.

Don’t have any bottles stashed away? Don’t worry. Even though wine shops aren’t open, you can always get your bottle of Jean Leon from our online store. We not only guarantee that it will reach you while following all the safety measures required by the current situation we’re experiencing.

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