#Realfooding: not just another Anglicism



Foodie, wine lover, influencer… These are just a few Anglicisms that have made their way into other languages thanks to their popularity on social media; words that describe trends or tastes and are used to tag content. Recently, thanks to the lockdown, we’ve been consuming even more online content, and there’s probably another word that’s popped up that you weren’t familiar with before. Have you seen #Realfooding? For those of you for whom this is the first time, #Realfooding is a concept created by Spanish nutritionist Carlos Ríos in 2018 to give value to the foods we eat. It’s about always being aware of what foods we’re eating, which are real and that we should pay more attention to, and which are totally harmful to our health, such as processed foods.


#Realfooding isn’t a miracle diet; it just means eating healthily, avoiding ultra-processed foods, and opting for “real foods.” Does this sound like your kind of thing? Would you consider yourself a #realfooder? Let’s find out some more about a movement that’s here to stay.


In an interview published in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Carlos Ríos defined the movement as “a lifestyle based on eating real food and avoiding ultra-processed foods. A movement that defends the right to healthy food for the people, a revolution that fights the dark side of the food industry with knowledge and awareness.”

But how and where did the #Realfooding movement start? That’s easy: on social media, as it happens. Carlos Ríos’ Instagram account has almost 1.5 million followers, while the @realfooding profile boasts 1.2 million. These figures clearly show the current interest in healthy living and eating. The bio on the account itself defines it as “The healthy lifestyle based on eating real food and avoiding ultra-processed foods. Join the movement and become a #RealFooder.” It’s definitely a declaration of intent. There’s also a website where you can search for diets, new eating habits, and even do courses.


At the end of the day, if you enjoy real food, know how to choose it, are conscientious about your diet and focus on your tastes, your health, and your lifestyle, you can consider yourself a true #RealFooder. Maybe you didn’t know it, but if that sounds like you, there’s a whole community ready and waiting to give you tips, tricks, and more information.

At Jean Leon, we believe in wholesome, healthy, and local food, and we’re glad to join the movement. Also, if you take a look at the recipes posted every day on the @realfooding profile on Instagram, you’ll never be short on ideas! What should we make for dinner today? 

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