Plans to enjoy summer in Barcelona

Jean Leon


Barcelona is one of the most dynamic cities in the country, where you can do all kinds of activities. From the most cultural to those related to the sun and the beach. Barcelona is undoubtedly a very versatile city and can be enjoyed in many different ways.

When summer arrives, Barcelona becomes an even more incredible city to live and visit. The good weather at this time of year allows you to enjoy a large number of plans related to the sea, beyond the cultural, gastronomic and leisure offer throughout the year.  

Enjoy Barcelona from the Mediterranean

Would you like to see Barcelona from the port? This is Med is a boat rental company that also organizes private routes for those who want to enjoy the city from another point of view.

Also, one of the most special experiences is to end the day watching the sunset from the boat, toasting with the people you love the most. Sailing along the coast of Barcelona at a time of sunset is a spectacle worth enjoying.

Can you imagine a better time to drink a 3055 Rosé glass? This is one of our wines that best pairs with the Mediterranean. It is a feminine, fresh and sensual wine made with the Pinot Noir variety, one of the most elegant and international French red grapes. In short, an ideal rosé to combine with beautiful sunsets.

Catalan gastronomy

After enjoying the sunset from the middle of the sea, a good option is to get lost in Barcelona for dinner and find a restaurant with typical dishes. Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most popular in the world for its flavors and exquisite recipes. Barcelona has some of the best restaurants in the country.

Running with the best Barcelona´s view

There are few places in the world where running or walking becomes as magical an experience as the Carretera de les Aigües. It is a fetish place for all those who enjoy running or simply cannot imagine a summer without a bit of fresh air and sports.

The road is a very wide track with little inclination that borders the Collserola mountain range. During the tour, the road leaves unique prints of the city. Being at a high point, you can see unique views of the entire city. A perfect plan that it is zero cost.

Now you no longer have excuses for not taking advantage of your summer in Barcelona. Are you ready to enjoy Barcelona in a unique and special way?

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