Pizza and wine: do they go together?



get straight to the point so you can find a quick answer to the titular
question: whether you order a home delivery pizza or enjoy it at the most
authentic Italian pizzeria in town, wine is always a good option. 

we'll go over some of the most popular pizza recipes and the varieties that
make for the best match. 

Pizza Margarita

simple is often more than enough. Pizza Margarita might be seen as the
“easiest” of all pizzas—the ingredients are simply tomato, buffalo mozzarella (mozzarella di bufala), and fresh
basil—but that doesn't mean it can be paired with just any wine. A light rosé
would be a good choice, because it would bring out the herbaceous and aromatic
character of the basil. Plus, it wouldn't overpower the mozzarella, something
that would happen with a heavier wine.


Barbecue Pizza is a spread of smoked meat bathed in a rich sauce with an irresistibly sweet touch. Given these ingredients, we'd do well to pick a fruit-driven variety that will provide a certain sweetness to emphasize that same note in the pizza. If you're into reds, Merlot would make for a good match, because it will lighten the overall impression. But if you're into whites, light-bodied wines are best avoided: a Chardonnay would be a perfect fit.

Cheese Pizza

“only” topping on a Four Cheese Pizza is cheese...but these cheeses are
something else! Depending on the selection, this pizza recipe can be the most
filling and potent of them all. Mozzarella and goat cheese are usually
standard, joined by a blue cheese or something similar like Roquefort or
gorgonzola, or others like parmesan, brie, or provolone. Pairing this cheese extravaganza
with wine can be a winning combination, especially when said wine is light,
aromatic, and fresh.

you decide on, remember that a pizza can have as many—or more—ingredients as
any other kind of dish. What matters is identifying the main ones and selecting
the right wine on the basis of that. So, what have you decided on? 

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