People, like wine, improve with time

Jean Leon


How can I be happier? What aspects of myself do I need to work on to be a better person, friend, partner or spouse? Many of these questions do not have a clear answer or rather yield many different interpretations depending on who provides the answers.

Everyone has their own way of living life. There is no self-improvement manual, despite countless authors having seized on moments of crisis to write hundreds of self-help books. And no, that's not what this article is about.

What it does hope to offer are a few modest guiding principles for anyone who made a new spring to better their lives. We're not talking about improving your career or learning a foreign language or becoming a better athlete and finally running that half-marathon you've been putting off for years. None of that.

Just 4 pieces of simple advice for being a better person. As the years go by, we sometimes realize that it isn't actually that complicated. People are a lot like wine. Time eventually makes us perfect.

  1. Be optimistic. It is an attitude to life, open to us all, but not everyone recognizes it. There are people who tend to be negative. Who see the glass as half empty. Who only see the bad, never the good. It's worth going through life with a positive outlook.
  1. Nurture personal relationships. New technology has contributed a lot to society. But it has also had its drawbacks. It has reduced the amount of direct contact we have to people we care about. Circumstances and time permitting, it is good to reintroduce phone calls, meeting for coffee, lunch or after-work drinks, face to face, a glass of wine in hand. It's worth remembering that there's life beyond Whatsapp groups.
  1. Do what you enjoy most. This might seem like very utopian advice and not everyone can or knows how to do it, but it is definitely worth a try. These days, people do whatever they can for work, not what they want. Although it's not easy to work in what you like to do, it's not impossible either. If you identify with what you do, the results will speak for themselves.   When you feel stuck, change it up. The majority of changes lead to something better.
  1. Keep learning. Learning something new is always interesting. A new sport, hobby or career can help us look at life in a different way. Learning is synonymous with improvement, and we should never stop.

These four principles can help us grow as people, but we'll allow ourselves the luxury of adding a fifth: contemplating life over a glass of wine can offer a different perspective. Have you given it a try?

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