Mushrooms… our woodland treasures



The summer heat is behind us, and autumn beckons with one of our most prized products: mushrooms.

So, what kind of wine goes well with mushrooms? We have to consider the fact that mushrooms have a very particular and specific taste, without forgetting the dish's other ingredients.

From champignons and bloody milk caps to porcini and black chanterelles, mushrooms come in a wide variety of flavors. When it comes to pairing them with wine, we are spoiled for choice—from aromatic whites to full-bodied reds, every wine style will find its perfect match among the myriad mushrooms out there.

Champignons, ivory waxcaps and bloody milk caps

The most humble of cultivated mushrooms—the champignon—as well as its prized cousins, the bloody milk cap and ivory waxcap, pair beautifully with a white wine. Opt for an oak-aged white, like Jean Leon Vinya Gigi Chardonnay, whose subtle toasty notes make for a marvelous match with these types of mushrooms.

If those same mushrooms are part of a sauce served with a roast or fricandeau that includes red wine as an ingredient, go for depth by pairing the dish with Jean Leon 3055 Merlot-Petit Verdot, our lightest red wine. Vinya Palau, the most classic of our Merlots, would also be a fine choice.

Oyster and shitake mushrooms

Do you enjoy an Asian take on mushrooms? Well, you're in luck: our new experimental Malvasia de Sitges varietal, MS-18, pairs wonderfully with these kinds of dishes. But don't wait too long—this is a very limited production wine!

Gray knights, porcini and black chanterelles

These mushrooms are generally found in sauces served with red meat, which are richer and more flavorful. This calls for a full-bodied red. Vinya Le Havre, a classic Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blend, and one of Jean Leon's personal favorites, is an excellent choice here.

Morels, golden chanterelles and truffles

Generally speaking, we can't go wrong with a classic Merlot like Vinya Palau, which has spent 12 months in French oak. If you can get your hands on slightly older vintages, even better, because as Merlot matures, it develops intense aromas of forest floor and mushroom. When it comes to the king of all fungi, the truffle, an exceptional wine like Gran Reserva Vinya La Scala, made from the estate's oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vines, is a match made in heaven.

Whether white or red, oak-aged wines go beautifully with mushrooms. Oak aging adds a certain warmth and notes of toast that combine very well with these forest delicacies.

Sergi Castro - Sommelier

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