#LaPrimaveraJeanLeon: Love, Books, Movies and Rosé

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Meteorologically speaking, spring arrived on March 21st, right on time. The weather however didn't feel spring-like until mid-April, specifically a few days before April 23rd. This is the day Catalonia celebrates the Diada de Sant Jordi (Saint George's Day), where books and roses take center stage.




Given the combination of these elements, we decided it was time to celebrate the arrival of spring a little differently. Roses, books, culture, wine, food, cinema: we put them all together, stirred well, and out came #LaPrimaveraJeanLeon (#JeanLeonSpring). An idea. A hashtag. A concept and an excuse to talk about love.




To do so, we brought together some of the most popular actors on Catalan television at one of their homes in Barcelona's Poble Sec neighborhood. Our host was Ferran Carvajal who decorated his entire impeccable apartment especially for the occasion. Roses, candles and a wine worthy of a leading role: our Jean Leon 3055 Rosé. It couldn't have been any other.




We asked our friends at El Seco to cater the event. The restaurant works with locally sourced, organic ingredients, and we were delighted with the lovely presentation and great quality. We, of course, took care of the drinks.


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The guests started to arrive. We had invited a mix of real couples, like Cristina Brondo and Diego Yaquer, and fictional mothers and children, like Anna Ycobalzeta and Pau Poch from the TV3 show Merlí, to talk about love. We were also joined by the actors Mario Gas, Mercè Sampietro and Anna Alarcón, as well as Alba Pujol from the popular show Nit i Dia.




We opened a few bottles. The first timid moments gave way to long conversations about love. Opinions on the subject varied greatly. Anecdotes, unusual stories, fun moments, serious moments, but above all else, it was an evening marked by the palpable friendship and camaraderie between the guests.




We invited them to share their experience on social media using the hashtag #LaPrimaveraJeanLeon. Some of them did, especially Cristina Brondo who is very active on Instagram and Twitter. We also joined them for a glass of rosé. We livened up the dinner, took lots of pictures, and shot some video too.




If you visit our Instagram page, you can watch a highlights video of the dinner. On Facebook, you'll find a photo album. We hope you like it! We were thrilled and can't wait to do it again! When? To celebrate the arrival of summer.

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