José Ignacio Carnero: “I no longer want to be a soccer player or a writer, I want to enjoy life”

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José Ignacio Carnero (Portugalete, 1986) is a normal guy who loves to go to the movies from time to time or enjoy a glass of wine with friends. However, on certain occasions, he is able to abandon his urban life to become one of the most fashionable writers of the moment. Something like a Clark Kent of letters. This lawyer by profession and writer by vocation published, in 2019, his first work Ama and earlier this year his second novel, Hombres que caminan solos was published. This morning, José Ignacio, has been to Jean Leon's cellars to talk to us about this coexistence between his two passions, the pandemic and the art of knowing how to write properly.

How did you start writing?

Since ever. I imagine since childhood. In a very rudimentary way, I was already counting my things. I was trying to explain my world and everything I didn't understand.

Has your personal life influenced your writing?

In my work I do the same… I write. I write demands, contracts… And the precision is absolute. The parallelism with writing is also there. Law is about telling a story. And it is telling a story from scratch to a person who does not know anything about that particular issue, which is the judge.

Has your life as a writer influenced your work life? Or upside down?

The aesthetic part of literature, the most baroque part, cannot be in the law. You have to be absolutely precise and exact. Although that accuracy may also be in the literature. In fact, it is a merit to be able to be exact. When we read Delibes or Pla… They are exact! They find the perfect adjective!

Is it easier to write about sad topics?

Sadness is certainly more fertile than joy in literature. The joy, where it finds its home, is in the life lived. Nostalgia, melancholy, sadness are fertile in literature and in art, in part, because they tell us about the past or the future ... but it is never something lived.

Is there more reflection thanks to the pandemic?

I believe that the pandemic has stopped us without notice. It has allowed us to reflect a lot. It has forced us to look inward, stop to think and stay in our homes looking at ourselves ... If we have been able to do that, it is because deep down we are privileged.

What is your advice to write properly?

Writing is something that many people can do well ... Basically it is about having your own unique and recognizable look.

Small tastings

What is the best time to have a glass of wine?

For me the best time to have a glass of wine is at sunset or at night. That moment in which we seek that disconnection from day to day.

A song to taste wine?

One would have to say jazz or classical music but it really seems so obvious to me and such a lie ... I really like music and different styles. I'd say anyone.

A book to taste wine?

Poetry. Wine is something you taste slowly and poetry has to be read slowly as well.

A spot where you would get lost?

I'm not a big beach fan but now I'm feeling like it… Some island, Koh Tao, in Thailand.

In what would you reincarnate?

In myself to do better.

If you could have a glass of wine with someone, anyone, who would it be?

With someone from the future. With someone from the future who lives a thousand or five hundred years from now, I can ask him questions I don't know.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Very simple: read, write, travel and go to the cinema ...

A defect and a virtue?

The flaw is impatience. Virtue ... It is very bad to speak well of oneself. I think I am legit.

As a child, what did you want to be?

Soccer player.

And when you grow up?

The older I am, the more I aspire to simpler things: to be calm, to be happy and to enjoy… I no longer want to be a footballer or a writer, I want to enjoy life.

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