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Jean Leon


You may have seen in some of our channels a slogan that represents us very well: "Many wines have something to tell, but very few have behind them a story like Jean Leon's". And the fact is that the founder of this winery led a special life, worthy of being told. And now, the story of Ceferino Carrión, known as Jean Leon, goes on stage in a theatrical adaptation of the book "La fuerza de un destino" by Martí Gironell.

Last Saturday, April 24, the play "La força d'un destí" premiered at the Teatre Eliseu in Roda de Ter (Barcelona), led by the actor Fel Faixedas and the musician Pep Poblet. It is directed by Carles Xuriguera and Anna Casals, as assistant director.

"La fuerza de un destino" by Martí Gironell

The book "La fuerza de un destino" has been a great success in bookstores and it has even been awarded with the Ramon Llull 2018 award. Now, the novel, that has been translated into Spanish, English, Dutch and Bulgarian, goes up on stage and gets a great success in its premiere.

The show

In "La força d'un destí", Fel Faixedas and Pep Poblet tell us the exciting story of Ceferino Carrión, a humble man who was born in Santander in 1928 and ended up becoming Jean Leon after his escape from the misery of Franco's Spain, and achieving his two great dreams: opening the most famous restaurant in Hollywood in the 50s and making a wine that bore his name.

The theatrical adaptation of Martí Gironell's book is a live dramatized monologue where we can learn all the details of the life of the founder of our winery, a story that shows us that with effort and sacrifice achieving dreams is within everyone's reach and that it is worth fighting for them.

Photography Toni Márquez (@enganxat)

In the theatrical show, Fel Faixedas becomes a friend of Jean Leon and a companion of Jaume Rovira, the first winemaker in whom Jean Leon trusted to make his wines, and tells us all about his life and his adventures showing great admiration. Pep Poblet accompanies the story with his music, which becomes part of the narrative.

Do you want to know more about the life of the founder of our winery? Do you want to know where our wines come from? Don't miss it!

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