Jean Leon, from the air

Wine tourism


Have you ever visited a vineyard... from the air? On Saturday, July 20th, a group of 15 travel, foodie, and lifestyle bloggers and influencers paid us a visit to explore Jean Leon’s vineyards firsthand and learn about the wine tourism options we offer all year round at our Visitors Center. It was a full experience where they were also able to find out more about our founder’s story and discover our wines in a unique way.

The tour kicked off early, at 6:45 am, but the group soon realized that the early start was worth it. That’s because a hot air balloon was waiting for them at the Jean Leon Visitors Center that would take them on a 1.5-hour trip over the Penedès to enjoy the colors of the summer vineyards. The activity helped make sure everyone was well and truly awake and allowed them to get a full idea of the spot where the winery is located.


But the day didn’t end there and, once on the ground again, the visitors were able to continue enjoying the landscape; this time, though, the transportation method was an electric bike. From the bikes, the group was able to see and learn about the vineyards that are the source of Jean Leon’s single vineyard wines. The tour ended at the “Miravinyes” viewpoint enjoying a glass of MS-18, the new experimental wine made using Malvasia de Sitges grapes, giving everyone a break to rest and recover.

Finally, to beat the heat that was already becoming very noticeable, the experience finished off inside the winery, where Jean Leon’s barrels rest. Brunch on the private terrace at the Visitors Center and a special tasting of an old vintage, the 2000 Vinya Le Havre Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, put the perfect final touches on the day.

Before returning home, the visitors each received a bottle of MS-18, the wine they tried at the viewpoint, ideal for cooling down on the hot summer nights.

Would you like to have your own wine experience with us? Discover the full wine tourism offer at Jean Leon and start making the best plans, with wine.

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