Ideas for a Weekend with a Focus on Wine

Wine tourism


The weekend rolls around and we’re often left thinking, “What is there to do?” That’s easy. Anything that revolves around wine! It should come as no surprise that if you leave your plans to us, then wine and the local region will most definitely be involved. So, here are five ideas for plans that are all based around wine and the vine.

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Our first suggestion centers on the Penedès region and its entire expanse of vineyards: A trip through the wine landscape par excellence, a journey through the geography, nature and culture of the Penedès. The route can be done by car and is planned around five vantage points (Miravinyas) that can be used to answer all of your questions, such as “What role does water have in a region that is traditionally dry?” “What makes Penedès wine so special?” This is definitely a suggestion that can be useful for learning a little bit more about the region.

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Art Nouveau Route through Vilafranca

Our next suggestion features a visit to the capital of the Alt Penedès region to discover all of the Catalan Art Nouveau heritage hiding in its streets. The Art Nouveau Route through Vilafranca gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the impact of this late 19th-century cultural movement, using the new symbols of progress and modernity that this innovative trend brought along with it. The Catalan Art Nouveau movement, known locally as Modernisme, was an artistic and social trend that arose following the economic resurgence of the Alt Penedès after the phylloxera crisis, and that began to take hold across Europe.

Font de la Canya archaeological site

To delve even deeper into our region, we recommend a visit to the Font de la Canya archaeological site, one of the most important in Catalonia, located in Avinyonet del Penedès. The exhibition is the result of 18 years of excavations and focuses on the origin and arrival of wine in our region. It’s undoubtedly the best way to learn about where everything started and why the Penedès and wine are so closely linked.


Another destination that has to be on your itinerary in the Penedès is the Vinseum, the Museum for the Wine Culture of Catalonia. It’s a space designed for visitors to experience and get a first-hand look at wine culture and everything that goes along with it.

Jean Leon planes fin de semana

Visits to Jean Leon

To round off our ideas for a weekend with wine, we suggest visiting our Jean Leon winery – with your partner, family or friends – to enjoy any of the wide range of wine tourism options we offer, including making your own wine, experiencing the incredible sensation of stomping grapes, or doing a tour of our vineyards on a Segway, electric scooter, or by Nordic walking. We also offer food and wine pairings for those with who like to accompany good wine with good food. You can see all of our wine tourism offerings here.

As you can see, there are lots of fun, wine-related ideas for things to do on the weekend in the Penedès! This is just a small selection, but the activities don’t stop there. Give them a try, investigate, and come visit us! ;)

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