Ideas for an original way to decorate your Christmas table

Jean Leon


The Christmas meals, festivities, family reunions... They’re all coming. And every year it gets harder and harder to be more original when decorating the table. It’s tough to be innovative, but with a little imagination, you can achieve something really nice and elegant that is full of Christmas cheer.

Below is a list of essential materials so you can create a table that’s as Christmassy as possible:

  • Linen and napkins: There are two styles that predominate: minimalist and extravagant. If you choose to go for a minimalist look and you have a wooden or marble table, you can decide whether you want to decorate the table with or without a tablecloth. If you go down the more classic route – a tablecloth is always more elegant – we recommend using a cream-colored tablecloth as opposed to a white one because it will allow you to use red tones in the decoration or tableware. When you start thinking about decorating your Christmas table, it’s important to choose a couple of colors and then, based on those, you can start choosing the other objects that will make up the table. If you opt for more extravagant decoration, the best option is a tablecloth printed with Christmas patterns. In this case, the color of the other elements on the table will have to be plainer. For example, white or beige tableware, white candles, or a centerpiece where green is the dominant shade.

  • Tableware: It’s time to bring out the best. The tableware you reserve for special occasions. The set you keep stored away in the cupboard and that you only take out for special meals. Count all the guests and make sure there’s enough for everyone.

  • Glasses: There should be one water glass and one wine glass for each guest. We don’t need to tell you that you should have already chosen the best wine, but if you’re struggling for ideas, here is our full wine range, perfect for any celebration.

  • Centerpiece: Always choose something low to avoid obstructing the view and communication at the table. There are lots of centerpiece options: tree trunk bases with plants and Christmas leaves with candles in the center; bases made with fruit, or you can even use wine corks to make a nice base. We recommend that first you choose the kind of shape you’d like (round or rectangular), and from there, choose elements with similar shapes, position them accordingly and make your own personalized centerpiece.

What do you think of these ideas? We hope they work for you and we’d love to see the result. How? Mention us on Instagram and tag the photo using the hashtag #CentroJeanLeon. We can’t wait to see it!

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