5 songs that pair with a good red wine

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Take a moment to think about the winter… Do you have it? You might have remembered an unforgettable morning of skiing with friends or a pleasant family Christmas dinner. Don’t you? The truth is that there are some things that, combined, taste much better.

Wine is no exception. If we do the same thinking exercise with a good red wine, it is likely that, in one of these mental scenes, your favorite song will sound in the background. I'm wrong? The truth is that, according to a study by the University of Edinburgh, music has the ability to enhance the tastes and flavors of wine.

If you want to fill your afternoons with friends and good wine, we propose 5 incredible songs to pair with red wine, do you join the plan?

Like a Rolling Stone (The Rolling Stones) and a good red wine

The Rolling Stones and wine? According to the same study by the University of Edinburgh, listening to rock music makes us perceive the aromas and nuances of wine with 60% more intensity. If we are talking about pairing with rock, what better than the Rolling Stones to have a glass of red wine?


Jazz for melancholic afternoons

In our selection of good red wine and music, the jazz genre could not be missing. This time we propose to accompany your glass with a young artist from Barcelona who is succeeding in the jazz world: Andrea Motis and her version of the well-known Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.


Wine with Barry White

According to an article in El Pais, serious music increases the intensity of the strongest flavors. If you want to take the power of Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon to the next level, it's best to do it with the unmistakable voice of Barry White.


Michael Jackson loves red wine

Good red wine will make you dance. And, if you pair it with a Jackson Five song, the fun is on. The most refreshing and cheerful rhythms attract the nuances of fruity wines.


Good wine also understands classics

For the music lovers, we have a great option that will surely transport you to Mediterranean landscapes of vineyards full of grapes yet to be picked. This time we opted for Bocherinni and his Musica Notturna delle strade di Madrid.


Music and wine are always an interesting option to enhance the flavor of any meeting. Are you signing up to listen to a glass of good red wine?

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