Four Handcrafted Gifts to Make with Wine Corks

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Handmade presents are priceless. After all, a lot of time and dedication goes into making these unique and personal gifts. Are you thinking of making something special for a wine lover? Yes? Well then never throw a cork away again! You won't believe how many objects you can make with these incredible little stoppers.

Cork is an organic material with myriad attributes: it is light, elastic, moldable and insulating. This is why more and more businesses are going wild about cork, creating all sorts of products fashioned primarily from this material: bags, umbrellas, tables, chairs, lamps, bracelets, picture frames, hats, shoes and more. One example is the Cork&Co store in Lisbon. Take a look at their website and marvel at the boundless imagination and skill of the people who craft these objects.

In this post, however, we're taking a more practical approach and will suggest a few simple ideas. You don't have to be an arts and crafts whiz to get them right!

Wine cork key chain

This is super easy. All you need is a screw eye hook, a key ring, some paint and a little patience.

The video will show you how to attach the key ring to the cork. Add any other decorative object of your choice to the other end. And if you're not into the cork look, you can paint it any way you like. The key chain's style depends entirely on who makes it and the intended recipient.

Cork picture

Art and wine go together beautifully and not only while enjoying the wine. The corks themselves can be transformed into a work of art. All you need is enough corks to completely cover the surface of a canvas or other support.

You can add a frame if you like, but it isn't necessary. Feel free to incorporate other wine-related objects for a relief effect, such as a wine glass or part of a bottle. You can also include an object or phrase that is meaningful to the person receiving the gift.


Cork-topped table

Although it sounds complicated, customizing a table like this is really simple. The biggest challenge lies in getting enough corks together. The idea is to use the corks to make a table-top that gives the table a personal touch. You can paint some of the corks to give the table-top form and color.



By slicing the cork into slim rounds, you can make very original circular pendants. When cutting the cork make sure the rounds are neither too thick (for aesthetic reasons) nor too thin. Remember to add a small loop at the top through which to guide the cord.

If you're not taken with any of these suggestions (we doubt it), take a look at this site for more ideas. With enough imagination, (almost) anything is possible:

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