Food Photography: Inside the Instagram Foodie Boom



Does the modern world leave room for tradition? Some don't think so. Some do. Some are on the fence. We're of the second persuasion. We believe there is always room for tradition—for what is timeless and authentic. And we're not alone. Foodies—people who are passionate about food—are of the same school of thought, and they show it daily on social media. Thanks to these platforms, gastronomy is in.

Foodies have become skilled photographers at bringing out the best in every dish. Whether home-cooked or served at a restaurant, what matters is pretty, tasty food worth recommending. Restaurants are well aware of this and show increasing interest in having a foodie influencer at one of their tables.

Gastronomy has always played an important role in our culture and social life, but now it's become a full-blown trend. Browsing some of the more interesting profiles on Instagram is proof enough. There are many—and many good ones—but we have curated a small selection mainly based on the number of followers. They all exceed 20,000 and the top two boast over 150,000.

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Laura López @lauraponts (169,000)

She's the most fashionable Instagramer, and her profile is a burst of colors. A self-defined “food stylist,” her pictures are simply spectacular. She pays close attention to every detail and is one of the world's food photography pioneers. She recently published a book (ArteFoodie) which showcases her best work. Her dishes are small creative gems.

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Delicious Martha @deliciousmartha (157,000)

Every photograph she posts on Instagram is a small work of art. Colors, contrasts and top-notch products. Browsing her pictures is sure to whet your appetite!

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Foodyingbcn @foodyingbcn (35,700)

Foodyngbcn has a clear mission, both on their blog and on Instagram: sharing more than a simple food snapshot. The authors relate their personal experiences of eating at the best restaurants in Barcelona. Make sure to jot down their recommendations! :)

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Joseppituroca @joseppituroca (24,800)

What is a good dish without a good wine to go with it? Josep Pitu Roca shares some of his delicious wine picks on Instagram @joseppituroca. He knows a lot about enology (he is a sommelier after all) and explains the characteristics of outstanding wines—both renowned names and treasures yet to be discovered—in an accessible and personable way.

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Mireia Casamada @mireiacasamada (23,200)

She grew up in a family of farmers and cattle breeders, which gives her a fascinating background in all kinds of food products. She's got taste, refinement, an excellent palate, plus she seeks out the most fashionable spots. If you need inspiration to cook or want to discover new trendy places, make sure to follow her!




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