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Street food is in fashion. Maybe it’s the Mediterranean climate, the hustle and bustle of the daily routine that makes us want to reduce the number of stops during the workday to a minimum, or maybe it’s just because we have a thing for eating “fast food.” OK, it’s usually calorific, but we love it.

Food markets have made their mark in Spain. There are hundreds of festivals based around street food to attract the many devotees of this new culinary format. Associations have even been set up to cover this field, such as Street Food Madrid, or agencies dedicated exclusively to advising small businesses on wheels, such as Food Truck System. Tapas, wine, smoothies, crepes, burgers, tacos, craft beer. This the real ecosystem of food markets. Good, quick service, usually paired with good drinks and, of course, live music.

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The real stars of the food markets, however, are the food trucks. They have their roots in the English-speaking world, but they’re establishing themselves firmly in Europe. What’s responsible for this surge?

A profitable business

A street food business can be launched with an investment of just €3,000. Even a scooter or motorized bike is sufficient. This means that many entrepreneurs are inspired to start up a culinary adventure on wheels.

Good, nice, and cheap

Cheap isn’t always synonymous with bad. In fact, the essence of food markets is to offer street food that is innovative and high quality, but also affordable – all around top notch!

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Close relationship with customers

One aspect that is unquestionably decisive for the success of this culinary format is the close relationship created between the chef and the customer: The direct interaction between cook and customer is part of the casual style of street food.

The climate lends itself to it

Furthermore, the Mediterranean climate is definitely one of the biggest incentives for enjoying this type of gastronomy. Summer nights lend themselves to strolling among the food trucks and tucking into a gourmet burger in good company.

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Street markets and food trucks are a growing trend that will be increasingly popular in Europe’s squares and streets; a great plan to enjoy the summer with high-quality food. As a matter of fact, in early July we’ll be at the Palo Alto Market, one of the most famous markets in Barcelona right now. Will we see you there? It would be great!


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