Five Reasons to Choose an Organic Wine



It’s not the first time we’ve talked about organic wines on this blog: We also did it when we discovered the differences between natural wines and biodynamic wines. At Jean Leon, we are clearly committed to organic wines; in fact, all of our wines have been organic since the 2012 vintage. So here are five good reasons to buy organic wine:

  1. Organic wine production avoids the use of chemical fertilizers, industrial insecticides and weed killers in the work with the vines, instead opting to use native yeasts and authorized fining agents of plant and mineral origin.
  2. Organic vine growing seeks to achieve naturally balanced vineyards, respecting the rhythm of vine while being supported by the ecosystem itself as much as possible. The main aim is to preserve the environment, to maintain or increase soil fertility, and to provide foods with all their natural properties. In a word: sustainability. At Jean Leon, we specifically use the following methods to ensure good plant health:

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  1. Permitted sulfite levels. The trend of drinking sulfite-free organic wines is a reality. However, it’s important to remember that organic wines may contain this preservative. They are allowed to be used, but in small quantities and always regulated by the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Production), which permits a maximum of 100 mg/l in red wines and 150 mg/l in white and rosé wines.

When it comes to exportation, organic wines must also meet strict ecological requirements established by the entities that regulate each market.

  1. Wines at certified wineries. For a winery to be certified, it just needs to make organic wines. However, if there are also non-organic wines being produced at the winery, it must pass strict traceability controls to guarantee that the two kinds of wine are kept separate.

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  1. The grapes must be certified as organic in accordance with European Union Regulations (no. 834/2007, 1234/2007, and 606/2009). Another requirement for making the best organic wine is that the grapes must be harvested by hand and collected at peak ripeness. Using organic grapes means the wine will have a higher concentration of antioxidant substances that have important benefits for our health.

At Jean Leon, our commitment is clear. All of our wines have been certified organic since the 2012 vintage, although we have been using organic farming since 2008. You can find out more about the essence of our organic wines through these infographics.

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