Five mountain bike routes for discovering the Penedès

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The Penedès is a region you can explore in many different ways. Personally, we’re used to doing it with a focus on wine (because that’s what we like), but there are also other ways to enjoy this area at its finest. One of these is through sports, especially mountain biking. So, today we’re donning our bike shorts and helmets to share five mountain bike routes for discovering the Penedès.

Foto: Garraf Turisme

Penedès Experience – Gran Ruta BTT

This long route through the Penedès is much more than a mountain bike route: It’s a unique experience that covers the most beautiful places in our region. The route is divided into three categories: The 90-kilometer non-stop route, the shorter 60-kilometer route, and the long route (“Gran Ruta”) that can be done in three days. All three routes allow you to enjoy the most iconic spots in the region such as Foix Natural Park, the forests of Albinyana, the Bonastre massif, the Pedregosa mountains, the Montmell-Marmellar mountains, and the fine sandy beaches, cliffs, little coves, and fields of vines that extend across the entire Penedès plain. It’s undoubtedly an experience suitable for all biking enthusiasts. You can find out more via this link (only available in Catalan or Spanish).


The three peaks route

The three peaks route involves climbing the most iconic peaks along the Penedès coastline: La Talaia (280 m), Puig de l’Àliga (464 m), and Montgrós (359 m). The route is 28 kilometers long with an elevation change of 700 meters, making this one of the most daring routes, suitable for mountain biking buffs with some experience and know-how.

White massif natural park

While the last route was for expert bikers, this one is an intermediate-level route. It’s 42 kilometers long and starts and ends in the village of Olivella, passing through Olesa de Bonesvalls, Beges, and La Plana Novella before returning to the starting point. These charming places give the route a little something extra.

A route through Torrelles de Foix

This route is for discovering one of the region’s most delightful towns, and it’s also where you can find the Shrine of Santa Maria de Foix, the patron saint of the Penedès. It starts in the historical town center, passes through Les Valls, and then returns to Torrelles. With a moderate difficulty level, the route can also be done on foot. You can find the Wikiloc trail here.

Amid vines and wineries

We finish with an ideal route for passing through the vineyards, the real stars of the Penedès landscape. It leaves from Vilafranca and heads to La Granada, Santa Fe, Puigdàlber, and Les Cabanyes before returning to the capital of the Alt Penedès district. The route is 22 kilometers in total and covers vines, mushrooms, and something special: the Monserrat mountains, visible at all times.

Apart from these five routes we’ve shared with you, there are also options for those who aren’t fans of mountain biking, who prefer to get around another way, or who’d like to do a less strenuous excursion. One company that offers such options is Bikemotions, which organizes self-guided routes that allow you to go at your own pace and decide what you’d like to see along the way. In fact, one of these, the Water Route, passes by our winery and is highly recommended.

Ultimately, these are (just some of the) routes you can use to dive a little deeper into a unique region that’s full of charm. If you have more suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Here’s to health, wine, and biking!

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