5 ice creams to refresh your summer

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Have you ever tried a wine ice cream? Do you think wine and ice cream have flavors that complement each other, or is it an impossible combination? Well, the reason you’re reading this post is that there are in fact recipes that bring these two products together, promising to give you a sweet (and very tasty) treat.

1.Red wine ice cream

Let’s start with a simple recipe that combines Merlot and vanilla to create a creamy ice cream that initially floods your mouth with a sweet flavor, to then leave the red wine aftertaste. You can find step-by-step instructions for preparing it at Cooking With Janica.

2.White wine ice cream

Now we go from red to white with another simple recipe made using just four ingredients: white wine (or even rosé), heavy whipping cream, sugar, and chocolate chips for the decoration. Find out how to make it at The SITS Girls.

3.Sangría sorbet

Red, white, rosé... If you can make ice cream with those wines, then why not with sangría? The good news is there are recipes for making ice cream with this typically Spanish drink. Wine, alcohol, and fruit make up this quick sorbet that’s a scoop of summer in each spoonful. Get the recipe at Host the Toast.

4.Cheesecake ice cream with blueberries and red wine

We’re going to take things up a notch and show you the formula for what may be the perfect ice cream because this combination of wine, cream cheese, and fresh blueberries will have you on cloud nine. The blog A Cookie Named Desire shows you how to do it.

5.'Healthy' red wine ice cream

So you don’t blame us for derailing your summer beach body diet, here’s a lighter version of wine ice cream for you. It uses Greek yogurt as the base (source of protein) and replaces the white sugar with stevia. We know there will still be debate over whether or not it is healthy, but why not give it a try and see for yourself? Check out the full recipe at Desserts With Benefits.

Summer vacation is the perfect time to discover your inner chef, and even more so if these are the results! Already know which ice cream you’d try out first?

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