Five Essential Accessories for Wine Lovers



The world of wine is much more than just wine itself; there’s also a wide variety of accessories and tools that are sure to be on the radar of any wine lover. Since some are more useful than others, in today’s post we’ll reveal which are our five must-haves.

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This is, obviously, something completely essential and an accessory any wine lover has to have. It’s impossible to open a bottle of wine without one (unless the bottle in question has a screw cap). Corkscrews come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and sizes these days, with everything from the classic old favorites even to electric ones. There’s something for everyone, different tastes, colors, although sometimes it’s best to stick to the most basic: the waiter’s corkscrew. It’s easy to use, reduces effort to a minimum, and in just a few seconds, the bottle’s open. And, as the name might suggest, it’s the choice of sommeliers in most restaurants, which is definitely a good sign.

Another interesting option is the two-prong cork puller, the only kind of wine opener that lets you remove the cork without piercing it and without causing any damage. This type of opener is usually used to uncork wines from old vintages to keep the corks from breaking and coming into contact with the wine.

Bottle sleeve

Usually made from neoprene, this is the ideal accessory for transporting any bottle of wine and keeping it at the ideal temperature. In fact, a sleeve doesn’t only maintain the temperature, it also protects the bottles from any knocks that could break it (and ruin the wine). There are all kinds and styles, although we like the kind of sleeve that doesn’t take up space or get in the way after being used to carry the bottle.

Bottle cooler

An essential accessory, especially for those who like sipping a glass of wine – particularly whites and rosés – at the ideal temperature, in order to appreciate its full potential this way. Unlike a bottle sleeve, a cooler is only used at the table and always kept in the freezer.

Wine aerator

This is an essential element for tasting a good wine. An aerator speeds up the wine aeration process – meaning you won’t need to wait half an hour for the wine to aerate naturally – and also helps it take on more color and adjust. You can find aerators at all price points and in all shapes and sizes. Some aerators are very original, others are more sophisticated, but they are all ideal for any wine lover, without the need to be an expert sommelier.


Lastly, and no less important, is the wine decanter. This is a tool that, besides helping remove the sediment from the wine and aerate it, serves as a decorative element for any table. When a bottle of wine is decanted a few hours before serving, the liquid is clean when it goes into the glass and the wine achieves a better expression of all its aromas.

These are not the only accessories, of course. We could give you some more, but these five are the essentials that definitely need to be in the home of every wine lover.

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