Feroz Sets the Pace for Barcelona at Night



It’s the hot restaurant in Barcelona. The place to be in the Catalan capital. In fewer than three months, newcomer restaurant Feroz has become a real benchmark for food and night-time action. But how? With lots of work, including everything from the outside in. Aritz Iriarte, the establishment’s founding partner, is quick to admit this. He points to the location, cumulative experience in the restaurant industry, and good food and drink as the three fundamental pillars of its success.

The location is unbeatable: in the middle of Carrer de Tuset, occupying the same space as the legendary restaurant Tuset (TWO7). The cuisine, meanwhile, has the seal of approval from Grup Olivé (L’Olivé, Paco Meralgo, BarcelonaMilano, Barceloneta, Cañete). “It’s key. Having their culinary experience gives us an added guarantee,” acknowledges Iriarte. And there’s also the knowledge of Barcelona’s nightlife, gleaned through the experience with Ura, another restaurant and lounge founded by Iriarte.

Iriarte came to Barcelona at the age of 24 to be a model, and after years of experience linked to the restaurant industry, he’s finally ended up managing a restaurant. “I didn’t know anyone when I arrived in Barcelona. I was doing castings during the week, and on the weekends, I was serving drinks and doing PR,” he recalls. This was undoubtedly the best way to meet people, and 14 years later, he’s managing one of the city’s trendiest spots. However, as he acknowledges, “Success isn’t permanent. We have to correct mistakes every day so that Feroz’s success doesn’t sink like a soufflé.” To make sure this doesn’t happen, what they offer a very appealing combination: In the daytime, Mediterranean cuisine, good meat, good fish, even better shellfish, and an excellent, varied wine list with over 90 international and national references, including our Single Vineyard wines (Vinya Gigi and Vinya Le Havre) and the 3055 Chardonnay and Merlot·Petit Verdot. And at night? A live DJ until 3 am and premium drinks from Monday to Sunday. In other words, all the ingredients for success.

Iriarte won’t go so far as to pick out any star dish from the menu. “They all work really well for us. We offer a classic menu with all kinds of dishes. For now, we don’t have a signature ‘Feroz dish,’ but I’m sure we’ll have one soon.” In that sense, they’re thinking about adding new international features to a very Mediterranean menu, to provide a more variety. Still, Iriarte does concede that the chocolate coulant is one of the restaurant’s standout desserts.

Feroz is open every day of the week, serving lunch and dinner every day, with a team of around 40 people to serve and capacity for up to 200 people. The average check starts at €50, and the clientele is very diverse: Lunchtime tends to be more popular with families, while night-time is favored by couples or groups of friends. Lastly, about the décor: You can get an idea from the photos we’ve included, but it’s worth paying a visit to see it for yourself. It’s the work of decorator Pablo Peyra, who was given complete freedom to outfit this spacious, modest establishment in the Eixample district, and he really went for it. Congratulations to the entire Feroz team and all the best for the future!


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