Coffee and books, a perfect pairing

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Have you noticed how more and more people are reading books in cafés? This is a growing trend – and one that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Coffee (or tea) and books go together perfectly. We combine the two at home all the time: a quiet moment, a cup of tea, a good book. Well, now café-bookshops are on the rise, and we've picked out the top five in Barcelona. Curious to know more? Here we go.

Foto: Facebook La Central

The Café at La Central

Located on Carrer Mallorca 237, the walls of this 500-m2-space are home to over 85,000 volumes with a focus on philosophy, history, social sciences, anthropology, classical studies, art, and contemporary thought. A café for people who love the humanities and good coffee.

Foto: Facebook No llegiu


The Nollegiu bookshop on Carrer Pons i Subirá 3 in the heart of Poblenou is a gathering spot for literature lovers. It organizes literature-inspired events, lectures, and talks. It’s success is unsurprising. Poblenou is one of the most culturally active neighborhoods in the city.

Foto: Le Standard

Le Standard

Otherwise known as the living room of Gràcia, this spot with retro flair brings together all kinds of literature, artistic and cultural expression, and coffee...along with all sorts of other beverages. It's worth a visit – and sure to make an impression. Le Standard is located on Carrer Topazi 24.

Librería Calders

“A bookshop specialized in books” reads the store’s Twitter bio. A statement of intention if there ever was one. Located on Passatge Pere Calders 9 in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, the store specializes in Catalan literature. A bar, a piano, and a stage add to the delight of anyone who decides to spend an afternoon here. 


We'll close our selection with a most original spot, as the name suggests. The bookstore is located in the Raval (Ferlandina 29) and is the place of choice for people who like to read – obviously – but also seek out poetry recitals and book presentations.

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