Classic Italian cuisine in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria



“Incredible sea views, excellent service and exceptional food. One of the best restaurants on the island, the wine and food are outstanding.” These are real comments posted on TripAdvisor by guests who ate at Maximilians restaurant in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This cozy restaurant, which specializes in classic Italian fare, is today's recommended restaurant pick.

This is the first time since launching this section that we're focusing on a restaurant that is off the Spanish mainland. We think it's worth venturing further afield to discover new establishments beyond our most cosmopolitan cities, especially now that the days are getting warmer and sunnier, and the urge to disconnect and enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine and the beach is strong.... So, let's get started!

Maximilians stands out for its exceptional customer service. This, along with the quality of the ingredients and an excellent location (right below the Maspalomas lighthouse) have made Maximilians one of the island's top dining spots.

Specialties abound on the menu, with highlights like veal Valdostana with mozzarella au gratin or saltimbocca alla romana. Fish is also well represented, including sole with shrimp and mushrooms or the restaurant's star dish, linguine all'astice with fresh lobster. Traditional Italian fare made with fresh ingredients that is sure to leave an impression.

In addition to its many house specialties, Maximilians also has a deep appreciation for wine. This is immediately evident when looking at the wine list, which features Italian appellations and wines from all over Spain. Whites, reds, rosés, champagne... so much to choose from. Among the rosés is our Jean Leon 3055 Rosé, a Pinot Noir whose versatility and immense freshness pairs beautifully with the kind of cuisine served at Maximilians. An excellent choice! ;)

Maximilians, however, is about more than great gastronomy. The restaurant enhances its customers' dining experience with live music or original events like the one it recently dedicated to the life of Jean Leon. The restaurant's management loved the exciting story behind the brand and put together a Hollywood-inspired evening that recreated the world of 1950s jazz and glamour.

The restaurant has quite a lot of regulars. It attracts a grown-up international crowd of repeat customers. Maximilians makes it easy for them. The kitchen is open all day, from noon to midnight, and the average price ranges from €35 to €40. Is it on your list yet? ;)



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