Buying in bulk is in fashion



It’s not just a trend; it’s now a reality. Buying products in bulk has become a must for those looking to consume more responsibly.

We’ve already told you about movements with this goal in mind, such as zero waste, batch cooking, and even #RealFooding. Most of them share one common principle: Buying in bulk to be more responsible and buy only what you need. For anyone who’d like to start shopping this way, there are some interesting stores in different parts of Spain. We’re going to highlight four in Barcelona and Madrid, two in each city. Let’s start with Barcelona:

Photo: Yes Future (Facebook)

Yes Future

Located at 66 Carrer de Viladomat, this was Spain’s first plastic-free supermarket. Besides pulses, grains, seeds, and spices, there are also taps for buying wine, vermouth, olive oil, honey, and even sustainable cleaning products.

Photo: Al Gra (Facebook)

Al Gra

Located on Carrer de Sant Cristòfol in the Gràcia district, this is a store where the prices will catch your eye: They’re much more affordable than in the usual corner store. Its website features the following statement of intent: “Al Gra is an establishment that promotes shopping habits that allow customers to get only what they need. This way, all together we’ll manage to reduce waste and, as a result, we’ll be able to live in a more sustainable world.” As in the case of the previous store, besides pulses and seeds, here you can find coffee, cookies, eggs, and even cosmetics.

Let’s see what there is in Madrid.

Photo: Pepita & Grano (Facebook)

Pepita & Grano

This is one of the capital’s large eco-stores, found at 77 Calle de Santa Engracia, in the Chamberí district. Offering local and imported products, it specializes in dried seaweed, spices, dried pasta, beans, lentils, cocoa, and chickpeas, among other things. There are also discounts if you bring your own containers with you. Not bad!

Photo: Casa Ruiz (Facebook)

Casa Ruiz

This is a franchise with stores in Madrid and Barcelona. The Madrid store can be found at 88 Calle de Hermosilla. The majority of the products on offer are unprocessed and with guaranteed traceability, such as nuts, spices, rice, seaweed, dried mushrooms and fruit, flour, pasta, grains, pulses, and even chocolate and honey.

So, those are our four suggestions, but we’re sure those of you who are already familiar with this trend can add even more stores to the list. We’re all ears!

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