Books, series, and music for staying at home

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We’re currently experiencing a totally
unprecedented situation as a result of the spread of coronavirus. Nothing like
this has ever happened before, and for now, we need to stay at home to look
after both ourselves and those around us.

To help make these days stuck inside
as enjoyable as possible, we’ve come up with some ways to pass the time at
home, sitting on the sofa, maybe even accompanied by a glass of wine. Having to
stay home is the perfect opportunity to expand your musical horizons, get stuck
into a book, or start a new series. The ideas we’re sharing today are taken
from old posts that we’ve brought all together here to give you a wider variety
of options.

Let’s start with the books.

Qué vino con este pato

This is a book on wine by Ferran Centellesformerly a sommelier at elBulli and a real expert on the art of pairing, who we spoke to just a few weeks ago. Available in Spanish, it’s full of personal stories from the more than eight years he spent at the world’s best restaurant, interspersed with more classic theories on pairing and enology.

Taste Buds and Molecules

The book from François Chartier, who, according to Ferran Adrià, “is the number one expert on flavors.” Not a bad claim to fame. This award-winning book explains new aromatic science to discover the unseen world of flavors in food and wine. It's been a bestseller since 2009, with over 50,000 copies sold. One of the best books out there on wine, pairings, and gastronomy.

Wine Folly, The Essential Guide to Wine

book by 
Madeleine Puckette and Justin Hammack that’s ideal for anyone who’s
just starting out in the world of wine. It goes on a real trip around the
world, covering grape varieties and geographical areas with very visual
graphics and illustrations. Some even consider it the visual bible of wines.

Manuel de viticulture

book by Alain
an agricultural engineer,
enologist, and lecturer in the Faculty of Enology at Bordeaux, is essential for
anyone who wants to delve deeper into the world of wine growing and enology.
Available in French or Spanish, it’s a must-read for any enology and
viticulture student who wants a comprehensive insight into the world of wine,
from soils, to cultural practices, to vineyard treatments.

La fuerza de un destino

This choice is a little different than the other books on wine that we’ve chosen, but we think it also deserves a spot on our list. This novel by Martí Gironell tells the story of our founder, Jean Leon. It’s available in Spanish and Catalan, and if you haven't read it yet, we recommend it to find out even more about the origin of all of our wines.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas
for what to read, let’s move on to what to watch.


This documentary, available on Vimeo, takes place in Napa Valley, one of the world’s most prestigious wine regions. This 30-mile long Californian is home to over 300 wine producers and has become a mecca for wine lovers, not only thanks to the quality of its products, but also because it’s managed to strike the perfect balance between gastronomy, wine, and tourism. Decanted is an essential documentary for anyone passionate about good wine and good food.


This is an exciting documentary that takes a look at the lives of four sommeliers who decide to embark on the course to become Master Sommeliers, including the next-to-impossible exam. The knowledge, details, and technique of the candidates are bound to amaze you. Available on Amazon Prime.

Sour Grapes

This documentary delves into the world
of fine-wine fraud through the story of Rudy Kurniawan, one of the wine world’s
most famous con men. Kurniawan counterfeited some of the world’s most expensive
wines in his home, getting away with it for many years before being found out by
an estate proprietor from Burgundy. While the story seems far-fetched, it’s
totally true and worth discovering. Available on Netflix.

The Wine Van

Amazon Prime Video in the US and UK
have premiered The Wine Van, a series that was made to put millennials
in touch with the world of wine. Ian Chapman is the star who, in the first
series, heads out to visit wineries from several Spanish designations of origin,
including Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Toro, Bierzo, and Tierra de León.

The episodes last around eight minutes and are filmed fully in English, and the majority include very basic questions that aim to provide details about aspects such as the harvest or different grape varieties. It’s a really good option for those who are just getting started in the wine world. While we wait for the premiere on Amazon Prime, this is the trailer for the first season.

To finish, we’d like to share our Spotify profile with you, which has various
lists focused on different periods of the year, although now, with the current
unprecedented situation, any of them could be a good choice. The most important
thing is to relax and make your time at home as enjoyable as possible.

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