Discover the best books for this October: Must-reads of the month

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October is just around the corner, and with it comes the opportunity to immerse ourselves in new and exciting stories. It is the perfect time to enjoy a good book while autumn begins to dye the landscapes with warm tones. 

On this occasion, we have carefully selected a collection of readings that will awaken your curiosity and transport you to unknown worlds.

6 books that will take you to unexpected places and awaken emotions

1. Los perseguidos by Fernando Benzo

Los perseguidos - Fernando Benzo

Journalist Daniela Lozano unravels a dark criminal plot after suspecting that her boyfriend's death was murder. In her courageous investigation, she encounters corrupt police officers, mafia bosses and the Minister of the Interior. With her determination and the help of Peyo, a betrayed ex-convict, they must find Dardo, an enigmatic missing Spanish drug dealer.

Los perseguidos is a crime novel that explores second chances in a violent world, where justice can triumph if its protagonists manage to stay alive. Join this journalist in search of the truth, the ex-convict in his quest for redemption and the mobster willing to risk it all. An explosive story is about to be unleashed!

2. Nosotros of Manuel Vilas

Nosotros - Manuel Vilas

Irene believed she had lived the most perfect marriage in the world with Marcelo, her late husband. Their mutual devotion and passion kept them isolated in a reality of their own, where every day was like the first. However, after the loss of Marcelo, Irene discovers an unusual way to keep him close and move on.

In Nosotros, a fascinating novel, we explore the limits of love and delve into the soul of a woman trapped in an intimate and deadly utopia. As we move forward in this story, we discover that loneliness imposes its law and leaves its heartbreaking mark.

Join Irene on this reality-defying journey as she immerses herself in a literary fantasy that evokes the power of love and the struggle to find purpose in the midst of loss. How far can the human heart go in its quest for eternal connection?

3. La educación Física of Rosario Villajos

La educación - Rosario Villajos

Biblioteca Breve Award 2023. A woman's greatest battles are fought in her own body.

Physical Education, set in the 1990s, presents us with the portrait of a teenager marked by a complicated relationship with her own body and resentment towards a world bent on blaming her simply for being a woman. This novel questions the narratives on which the values of an entire generation are based.

Rosario Villajos, with her literary and artistic approach focused on the corporal, transports us through this magnificent work towards sentimental education, just as Flaubert portrayed the life and times of a young bourgeois in the 19th century. However, in this case, the author argues that the body is the stage where all battles are fought, where our identity is defined and where the fears, tensions and violence of each era are reflected.

4. El cuco de cristal by Javier Castillo (Science Fiction)

El cuco de cristal - Javier Castillo

An emergency transplant. A donor full of secrets. Cora Merlo, a first-year resident doctor, suffers a fulminant heart attack that forces her to undergo a heart transplant. Still convalescing, the young woman receives a visit from a strange woman with an enigmatic offer: to spend a few days in Steelville, a small inland town, to learn about the life of her son Charles, the donor of her heart. Cora thus enters a home full of secrets, a mystery that spans twenty years and a hermetic town where, just the day of her arrival, a baby disappears in a public park.

5. Nadie en esta tierra by Victor del Árbol (crime)

Nadie en esta tierra - Víctor del Árbol

This is a story about how dreams sometimes turn into nightmares. 

Julián Leal is a police inspector in Barcelona who is not going through his best moment. The doctor has detected cancer and does not give him much time to live, plus he has just been dismissed for beating up a suspected child molester. After a visit to his village in Galicia, some corpses begin to appear that may be related to him and his superior wants him to take the blame to take revenge for some grudges from the past. He and his partner Virginia will be dragged into an investigation much deeper and more complicated than they could think and that could cost them their lives and all those they love. Julián will not only have to settle accounts with his present, but also with his past.

6. Three Dates with Carter by Beth O'Leary (romance)

Tres citas con carter - Beth O'leary

Three Dates with Carter tells the story of Darcy, who is looking for a fresh start after a toxic relationship. When her brother proposes sharing a London apartment with his friend, Carter, Darcy accepts. The two agree to go on three dates to help Darcy overcome his past, but soon discover that their feelings go further than planned. 

The novel explores themes of love, healing and second chances as the protagonists face their own emotional challenges in search of happiness together.

So far our recommendations, which one do you recommend, do you have any other suggestions, we're all ears!

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