After-work drinks in Barcelona: a glass of wine, please



The after-work drinks concept has made its way into the Spanish imagination. Yes, there is life after work. There are things to do. Working is good, but what happens after you leave the office can be even better.

The culture of after-work drinks is gaining ground in Barcelona. When meeting friends, family, significant others or work colleagues for a drink, the number of options are steadily growing. It is a new way of socializing. And if you get on board, here are two tips for after-work drinks. For him: undo that top button and loosen your tie. For her: touch up your make-up and dab on a drop of perfume.

Today’s after-work socializing bears some resemblance to the Italian apperitivo and has moved from the weekend to weeknights. It can involve good old friends or work colleagues. No restrictions apply. It essentially takes the old-fashioned post-work beer at the corner bar and turns it into a glass of wine at a fashionable hotel terrace. The trend has its roots in the UK where it is common for pubs to fill up with people after their offices close. In Spain, of course, “after work” generally means a little later. Around 7pm is a good time to meet up.

The after-work age group covers quite a range. From the 25-year-old entrepreneur to the 50-year-old top executive. Beer or wine. Red or white. Whatever strikes your fancy. After all, socializing is the most important thing. Relax, network or simply enjoy yourself until dinnertime.

In light of this trend, here are our 5 recommendations of spots that we think make great after-work options:

Daps Bar

This centrally located Eixample bar is among the few to specialize in after-work events. Thursdays after 7:30pm draw the biggest after-work crowd. Guests can enjoy a selection of gins, tapas and dj sessions.

Av. Diagonal, 469, 08036 Barcelona

Condes de Barcelona

The Alaire terrace at the Condes de Barcelona Hotel is a landmark in the world of after-work socializing. A glass of wine tastes even better when paired with magnificent views of the city. One of our top recommendations.

Passeig de Gràcia, 73, 08008 Barcelona

Vibe Bar

The bar is located at the Hilton Hotel, not far from the F.C. Barcelona stadium. One of the classiest options in the city. In addition to fine cocktails and gins, the bar serves a lovely selection of salads and sandwiches.

Av. Diagonal, 589-591, 08014 Barcelona

Gata Mala

This spot in the very heart of Gràcia fills up on Thursdays with after-work aficionados seeking a good beer or glass of wine. In addition, every drink comes with a complimentary tapa.

Carrer de Rabassa, 37, 08024 Barcelona

Pappa e Citti

After-work drinks aren't limited to hotel terraces. This Italian tapas bar in the Gràcia neighborhood is a great spot for tasty Italian fare and a bit of fun.

Carrer de l'Encarnació, 38, 08024 Barcelona

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