A Penedès sunset is the focal point of the new vintage, Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 2013



A new vintage of our most iconic wine is now on the market: Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 2013. Some of you will be asking, which work of art is featured on the the label this year? The answer: Atardecer. Paisaje a la puesta de sol (Dusk. Landscape at sunset) by artist and Barcelona native Gloria Muñoz. Her illustration immortalizes a sunset in the vineyards, where shades of carmine and purple emerge flowing from the earth, evoking the land chosen by Jean Leon to make a wine with individuality, personality, and unique identity.

As some of you will already know, Vinya La Scala is certified as a “Vi de Finca,” or single vineyard wine, only made in years with an exceptional harvest. This is the case of the harvest six years ago: 2013 was a rainy year in general, especially during the growing cycle, while the ripening period in summer was dry. Temperatures in early summer were moderate, allowing the grapes to ripen optimally.

Pure Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine, an ultimate expression of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, comes from a small 8-hectare plot in the Penedès, planted in 1963 at an altitude of 295 meters in chalky clay soil. It spends 24 months aging in French oak barrels, and then at least three years in the bottle. For the 2013 vintage, 9120 bottles have been produced. The wine is presented in an elegant wooden box that is also decorated with the work by Muñoz, adding to this wine’s exceptional nature and highlighting the characteristic landscape of the heart of the Penedès region where the Jean Leon winery is located.

A pioneer in Spain

First produced in 1971, Vinya La Scala was the first wine in Spain to be made using mainly Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and the 1975 vintage was chosen for the official dinner following Ronald Reagan’s inauguration as president of the United States in 1981. Since 1979, each new vintage has been illustrated with the work of a famous artist. In previous vintages, artists such as Josep Maria Guinovart, Waltraud Maczassek, Josep Maria Subirachs, Josep Martí Bofarull, Modest Cuixart, Javier Mariscal, and Josep Moscardó have had their works captured on the label of this flagship wine from our Penedès winery.

The wait is over and the 2013 vintage is now available so you can discover it for yourself. We hope you like it both inside and out. :)

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