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The label for the latest vintage of our Jean Leon Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon features a new artwork, inspired by the everyday city life of Barcelona's Park Güell. The piece is by the post-modernist painter Josep Moscardó and reflects Jean Leon's connection to Barcelona, a city where he and his family once lived.

“The piece is absolutely inspiring, because it so perfectly captures the spirit of Barcelona. It radiates light, elegance, with the Mediterranean Sea, which is always with us, as a backdrop.” This is how Mireia Torres, Jean Leon's director, describes the artwork during an informal conversation at Moscardó's Barcelona studio. Whenever we release a new Vinya La Scala vintage, we always like to visit the place where the artwork was conceived and executed and sit down for a chat with the artist. Moscardó explains that his paintings, “are an attempt to capture everything I want to express. Sometimes a photograph won't let you capture everything but a painting will.”

With the new Vinya La Scala label, he achieved just that. Moscardó captures a moment of mundane city life in Park Güell, an iconic Barcelona scene. He describes it as “a piece imbued with a sense of nostalgia despite the vivid use of color, with predominant ochre and earth tones, steely shades of violet, and blues that accentuate the Mediterranean Sea.” Moscardó expresses the poetry of everyday life and transforms this new vintage into a collection-worthy work of art.

Only 6,043 bottles of Jean Leon Vinya La Scala Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva were produced. The wine ages in French and American oak for 24 months and is then bottle aged for at least 3 years. The 2012 vintage saw a very dry vegetative cycle and a small amount of rain in August, which allowed for proper maturation. “This is a very small-production wine, because the vineyard is very old,” says Mireia Torres, “It was planted in 1963 and produces very high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon, with notes of toast, ripe fruit, spices... It is very elegant, fresh, with great length on the palate.”

A wine with a sense of history

This is an exceptional wine. It was the first Spanish wine made primarily from Cabernet Sauvignon: 1969 was the first vintage, released exclusively at the La Scala restaurant in 1971.  The 1975 vintage was chosen for the ceremony celebrating Ronald Reagan's US presidential inauguration in 1981. Since 1979 every new vintage that is released features an artwork on the label. Josep Moscardó now joins renowned artists like Josep Maria Guinovart (1996 vintage), Waltraud Maczassek (2001 vintage), Josep María Subirachs (2003 vintage), Josep Martí Bofarull (2007 vintage), Modest Cuixart (2009 vintage) and Javier Mariscal (2011 vintage) who have all played a significant role in making each bottle unique. Every vintage reinforces and celebrates the deep connection that Jean Leon has always shared with the art world. An idea that Moscardó describes as “excellent,” and we couldn't agree more. J

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