A Box with European Recognition

Jean Leon


We’re used to talking about our range of wines: From organic wines, single vineyard wines, to experimental wines. They’re all equally important and all made with great passion. In today’s post, however, we want to talk about a product that isn’t the main feature, but that’s still important because we use it to show off our brand image and present ourselves. We’re talking about the elegant box in the style of a retro vintage suitcase that holds three iconic Jean Leon Single Vineyard wines: Vinya Le Havre Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, Vinya Palau Merlot, and Vinya Gigi Chardonnay.

It’s a box that pays tribute to the adventurous, visionary, and daring character of Jean Leon, who, at just 19 years old, left everything behind and set out on a long journey to the United States, only taking a small suitcase and a few belongings with him. A risky decision that would change his life, it was also the start of a dream that would lead to a range of wines that represent this thrilling story.

What’s more, we recently got some exciting news regarding this box, as it’s received international recognition, winning a “Carton Excellence Award 2018” in the Luxury Goods category. This European award has been going for over 20 years and is a benchmark in cardboard packaging.

Has this given you any ideas? Maybe... right? The holiday season is just around the corner and pretty soon you’ll have to start thinking about the perfect gift. What about this box? We’ll make it easy for you: It’s available on our website via this link. Whoever receives it is sure to love it! J

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