8 books to travel the world without leaving your house

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These are very different times for lovers of travel. You’ll likely have to wait some time before you can set off on a plane and cross the Atlantic, the Mediterranean or perhaps even the Pacific. Chances are, you’ll have to make do with a destination a little closer to home – but, in any case, you can always count on books to help you travel via your imagination.

We already suggested a list of five books to travel without leaving your house last summer, but – as the pandemic continues – today we wanted to share a few more books that are sure to transport your imagination. Packed and ready to go? Make room for books!

Around the World in 80 Days

An illustrated version of the classic Jules Verne novel. Through his drawings, the illustrator Pedro Rodriguez recounts the adventure of Phileas Fogg and his assistant Passpartout as they set off around the world in just 80 days. The perfect version to share with little ones at home.

In the Cafe of Lost Youth

If there’s one literary city that stands above all the rest, it’s Paris. And the same goes for film too. It’s a charming city, with a certain aura that makes it truly special. To travel to the City of Light – and, more specifically, to the 1960s – we recommend cracking open this book by Patrick Modiano. Without a doubt, you’ll be transported to a city in which poets and artists alike enjoyed their moment of glory.

Sheltering Sky

A true classic from the last century. A novel by Paul Bowles that centers around Port and Kit Moresby, a couple from New York who travel to the Sahara desert in the north of Africa, accompanied by their friend Tunner. This story allows you travel around the city, exploring its traditions, customs, and the political and social tensions of the time.

The Shadow of the Sun

In this book, the journalist Kapuscinsky immerses himself in the African continent, searching for the face of humanity. As such, he sets off an a journey that shuns stereotypes and typical destinations, showing the complex reality of Africa from multiple perspectives. An extraordinary book, halfway between journalism and narrative and guaranteed to transport you to the villages at the heart of the most authentic Africa. This is an essential read both for journalists and travelers who want to discover a different image of the African continent.

Africa’s Dream

We continue discovering Arica through Javier Reverte, with the first of his trilogy of books on the continent. With this work, Reverte made travel writing popular in Spain, combining historical references with the account of his personal journey. The book, which quickly became a bestseller, is now one of the undeniable essentials for any traveler’s library.

In Patagonia

From Africa, we travel to Latin America, with the English author Bruce Chatwin. The writer narrates a journey he took in 1966 to the most beautiful corners of Argentine Patagonia, over the course of more than six months. The book describes Patagonia as a legendary location, with incredible landscapes and history. Without a doubt, this is a real classic in the world of travel literature.

Eat, Love, Pray

Through this book, Elizabeth Gilbert transports us to three very special locations, all very different from one another: Italy, India and Indonesia. The protagonist discovers Italy through food, India through prayer, and Indonesia with a touch of romanticism. The author describes each country in full detail, allowing readers to imagine themselves as another traveler. This work, which has also been adapted to film, recounts a spiritual journey and becomes a reflection on the lifestyle many of us follow today.

The Old Capital

We finish off our journey around the world with a last stop in Asia to recommend The Old Capital by Yasunari Kawabata. In it, an age-old city is described as it changes over the years– adapting to a new society. An unforgettable novel from a Nobel Prize-winning author that’s sure to leave its mark on any reader.

What do you think of our selection? Will you help us travel the world with some suggestions of your own? We can’t wait to read them!

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